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Center for Writing

The Center for Writing is now in the Library! The Center for Writing offers support and feedback on all types of written and spoken communication for the students, staff, and faculty at The Cooper Union. You may sign up for a one-time session to work with a Writing Associate on an as-needed basis or ongoing sessions. A student enrolled in ongoing sessions meets with the same Associate at the same time every week. This allows the Writing Associate to take a long-term view of your development as a reader, writer, speaker, and thinker.

Citation and Style Guides 

Citational Style guides set conventions for the "form" of a piece of writing or research. Of course, you choose your own writing-style (formal, friendly, poetic, etc.), but style guides tell you how to format that writing. They may set standards for grammar, punctuation, citation configuration, and even what size font you should use! Style guides are generally common to an academic field, but may also be set by certain publishers, journals, or academic societies.

Multidisciplinary Research Resources

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