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Meeting in the Library


Is your club or study group looking for a place to meet?


You're welcome to meet in the library!


If you'd like to reserve a space for a one-time event or ongoing meeting, please fill out the Reserving Library Space Form

Areas within the library that groups tend to gravitate to include the East Room (by the windows and the spiral staircase), the Archives Reading Room (up the regular staircase facing the entry of the library), the Atrium (the open space up front with soft seating), or the long tables down the center of the library (we don't have a good name for this area).

As with individuals in the library, groups are welcome to bring food and drink to their meetings. All that we ask is that it's nothing too gooey/sticky - so as not to damage any books - or too pungent - so as not to disturb other patrons. 

Long tables

Archives Reading Room

East Room


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