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The Cooper Union Archives & Special Collections

In addition to collecting and maintaining the college's institutional records, the Cooper Union Archives is also home to materials donated by alumni, students, faculty, and other members of the Cooper Union community. We are actively collecting any material that helps to inform and deepen our understanding of The Cooper Union, its people and organizations, and the relationship of the school with New York City. Examples of such material in the archive currently include manuscripts and correspondence; protest signs and accoutrements; badges and awards; clothing; photographs and audiovisual materials; and event signage and tickets.

If you're interested in donating to The Cooper Union Archives, please send the following information to for assessment:  

  • Your name and contact information 
  • A description of the item(s) you’d like to donate, including quantity, size, subjects, known creators, and date of creation 
  • Condition of the item(s) 
  • Snapshots of the item(s)  

Thank you for thinking of the Cooper Union Archives for your donation!

Inter-College Records Transfer

Institutional records of enduring historical value are retired to the Archives. Generally speaking, records have enduring historical value if they contain evidence of the college's organization, function, policies, decisions, procedures, and/or operations. Examples of records with enduring historical value include but are not limited to: exhibition catalogs, event ephemera, accreditation paperwork, course offerings, bylaws, publications, and patent documentation. 

If you're an employee of the Cooper Union and have records to transfer to the Archives, please contact Additionally, the following documents can help you assess and keep a record of the items you wish to transfer:

Cooper beanie and 1942 engineering pamphlet

Cooper Union beanie and engineering awards program, donated by the family of Leonard Sielke (CE'42)

Cooper tuition protest pins

Tuition protest pins, donated by Casey Gollan (A'13), Victoria Sobel (A'13), and Joe Riley (A'13)

1904 medal awarded to Daisy Brown

Graduation medal awarded to engineering student Daisy Brown in 1904, donated by the family of Marilyn Hoffner (A'48) and Albert Greenberg (A'48)

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