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This guide will help students understand how to use the library's resources and skills to research potential employers and find more information about possible careers.

Cooper’s Center for Career Development

The Center for Career Development supports students in their personal, educational, and professional growth. Whether your goal is to become an architect, artist, engineer, or something else entirely, we are excited to hear about your interests and help you achieve your goals! Please come talk with us! Click on the Handshake button below to make an appointment.  

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Career Research

Welcome to the Cooper Union Library's Career Research guide! This website will help you learn a little bit about how business research works, but mostly aggregates resources available to you for answering questions in your career search!

For all intents and purposes, the best way to think about business information is to try to figure out if it fits into one of three

3 Circles containing words Company Industry Market

Company Information will seek to answer questions about a single organization. Questions like:

Who works at a company? Where is that business' office located? How much money did a company make last year in revenue?

Industry Information seeks to answer questions about groups of organizations that share functional similarities. It may answer questions like:

How do certain companies compare to others? What types of companies sell products to this industry? Regardless of any one company's success, how has this product or service grown in popularity over time?

Market Information focuses on purchasers or users. This information may be important for companies to know who to advertise to, but it can also be helpful in a career search. If you are interested in working with a particular group of people or a demographic, you may want to begin by learning about the behaviors and characteristics of those people. Market information may help answer questions like:

What types of products does a demographic of people buy? What are the market needs and priorities of a particular group? Where does the largest amount of a certain product get purchased?

For students who need some structure, feel free to make a copy of this spreadsheet to keep notes with.

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