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Cooper Tunes: Master


How many Cooper Union marches are out there in the musical ether?

We found two.

Both written in the last quarter of the 19th Century, the first, March Cooper-Union dates from 1880 and was published by our neighbor Carl Fischer and composed by Abraham Wolf Lilienthal.

The second, "Cooper Union" March was composed by Charles H. Collins and published in 1896.  We're investigating whether the abolitionist Charles H. Collins is also the composer Charles H. Collins.

Some of the solo instrumentation for cornet, 2nd trombone, and drums:

Image of March Cooper-Union courtesy of  Library of Congress.

Images of "Cooper Union" March - Cooper Union Archives and Special Collections.

Alma Mater Song - Maroon and Gold

Melody from "Frat" March (1910) by John F. Barth and Lyrics by Van Pelt Brower, 1941 Engineering Day School alumnus.

Peter Cooper Birthday Playlist 

The playlist for the February 12, 1991 Peter Cooper birthday wreath laying.

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