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Humanities & Social Sciences

What Is Research? 

Research is a process of assessment:   
re-searching through what you’ve found to determine   
what’s superfluous,   
what’s missing   
& what requires more thought! 


Research isn't a straightforward process. You may change directions, retrace previous steps, or even change your topic. This is a normal part of the process. Starting early will allow you to enjoy this process of inquiry, instead of being frustrated by it. 

Boolean Logic 

Boolean operators form the basis of database logic. Searching with Boolean logic AND, OR, and NOT  will focus a search particularly, when your topic contains multiple search terms. 


Also, it can be generative to think of your research question in Boolean Logic. You'll begin to define your focus while researching your topic!


Begin by examining your research question to determine the MAJOR CONCEPTS or TOPICS with a specific meaning.


Then you will start to ideate different SYNONYMS for your main concepts.


Finally, expand your main concepts by thinking in BROADER and NARROW 
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