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Getting documents that are not freely available

If you have questions or would like some assistance at any point, contact a librarian.


  1. Using your favorite Internet search engine, search for the title of the article in quotation marks. Authors often post a pre-publication version of their articles on a collaborative site such as arXiv or ResearchGate. It will be essentially the same if not nearly identical to the one that was later published in a journal or presented at a conference.
  2. On a site such as ResearchGate, you may see an abstract with a link to request the full text of the article from the author directly. Don't hesitate to contact the author. They are usually very accommodating of any researchers, especially students!
  3. If that did not work, for journal articles check the CU Library list of ejournals. Search for the journal title (not the article title).
  4. If we do not have the journal online, or if this is a conference paper, use the the Library Item Request Form. The library staff will get to work on your request ASAP and get back to you by email.
  5. Read on if you want to search further on your own. You can search the Library catalog, BobCat, to see if we have it in print. Because we do not currently have access to the Consortium libraries, limit your search to the Cooper library. Search for the journal title or ISSN. Follow this link for tips on Using the Library Catalog.
  6. If we have it in print, use the Library Item Request Form to request a specific article or the table of contents for specific issues of the journal.
  7. If the CU Library doesn't have what you need, use the Library Item Request Form to request a specific article.
  8. To check for access from NYPL, follow this link.
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