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Experiencing History

Even with the promise of vaccination on the horizon, COVID-19 continues to extract an enormous toll on the lives and livelihoods of our families, friends, neighborhoods, and communities. Largely peaceful protests over the summer were followed by a hard-fought election and, most recently, a violent insurrection led by supporters of President Trump. While it is true we are always living through history, this time of pandemic and political crisis has tested our resilience and our resolve at unprecedented levels.

Help us document The Cooper Union's response to these turbulent times. The artwork, models, photographs, audio, and video recordings you create, the stories you write, the social media posts you share with family and friends, the travel plans you've cancelled, the take-out orders that have sustained you — all provide powerful documentary evidence of your life during this historic period. The Cooper Union Archives and Special Collections is actively collecting physical and digital materials to preserve the perspectives, creativity, ingenuity, generosity, and strength that characterizes the Cooper Union community. 

Use this form to submit digital artifacts which document this time. If you are an alum or don't have a current Cooper Union ID, we still want to hear from you! Email us at Thank you. 

Image of artwork submitted by Mitsuko Brooks, (A '05)


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