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Engineering and Science

Guide for Researching in Engineering and the Sciences


How to Formulate a Topic -- Developing Keywords

Follow these steps:



Step 1. Pick Out Concepts/Nouns/Topics

Step 2. Search these in a some sort of electronic database

Step 3. Harvest keywords by looking at possible relevant articles (save the articles!) 

Step 4. Re-search with new keywords/same keywords

Steps 5. Repeat Steps 1-5

What are Keywords?

Does "open" = "hours"?


a page with the text "Chopt astor place open" in the search bar. results from a search that says "chopt astor place open". The results are 10:30AM-5PM, Chopt Creative Salad Co., Monday Hours


Research is intuitive, but to make it academic, slow down and assess your own intuition!

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