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ChE381 & 382: Process Evaluation and Chemical Systems Design I & II

AIChE journals

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

AIChE Journal (1955 to present)

Biotechnology Progress (1985 to present)

Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy (1982 to present)

Process Safety Progress (1999 to present)

PLEASE NOTE:Earlier issues are available in the Library's print and microfilm collections.

Additional Journals

ICIS Chemical Business (formerly known as Chemical Marketing Reporter)
Includes weekly sections: Market Trends & Data, and Chemical Profiles. The Chemical Profiles  include uses, supply/demand, prices, technology, and outlook, and each one is updated every few years.  The University of Texas Austin Chemistry Library keeps a list of the Chemical Profiles by date and compound.

ICIS Chemical Business is available online via the OmniFile Full Text Select database or Business Insights: Essentials.

The Cooper Library subscribes to the print version of ICIS Chemical Business.
Print journals are arranged alphabetically in the Library's Periodicals area.

Chemical & Engineering News  -  American Chemical Society.
Print issues available in Cooper Library.  (Journals are arranged alphabetically in Periodicals room).
Available online at NYU's Bobst Library.

Chemical Engineering  -  McGraw-Hill.
Journal includes monthly feature: Economic Indicators, and Chemical Engineering Plant Cost Index (CEPCI) and Current Business Indicators (on last page of each issue). Buyer's Guide published annually.
Print issues available in Cooper Library.  (Journals are arranged alphabetically in Periodicals room).
Full text from 2008 available online via Academic OneFile database: To search only Chemical Engineering, select Publication Title from the drop-down search menu, and enter "Chemical Engineering" (with quote marks) as a search term.

Chemistry and Industry Available from 2011 to date via Wiley Online database.  Available online from 1999 via  EBSCO  OmniFile Select database.

Hydrocarbon Processing:  Available from 1997 via Academic OneFile database.

Chemistry and technology of fuels and oils Available online from 2010 to date via Academic OneFile database.

I & EC  (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)  -  American Chemical Society. Available online from 1987 via Cooper Library subscription to selected ACS publications.

Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering  -  Available online from 1958 via the Cooper Library's subscription to Wiley Online.

Chemical Week:  Available online at NYU's Bobst Library.
Up to 2010, Chemical Week published the yearly CW Price Report for 20 major commodity chemicals. One can still find price information by searching for the chemical name or acronym and the word "price" or "prices."
CW also includes annual supplement: Buyer's Guide and Industry Almanac.

Scholarly and Trade Journals

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