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ChE381 & 382: Process Evaluation and Chemical Systems Design I & II

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, 1999-2014
Online via Library subscription to Wiley publications. Subject areas include: inorganic and organic chemicals, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals, polymers and plastics, metals and alloys, biotechnology and biotechnological products, food chemistry, process engineering and unit operations, analytical methods, environmental protection, etc.
Click "search in this book," then use search box in center of page to avoid searching the entire Wiley Online Library.
Print edition also available in Cooper Library Reference: TP9.U57 2003 40 vols.

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, 27 vols., 1991-2000.
Print edition in Reference:  TP9 .E685 1991
Good overview of chemicals and processes, including synthesis information, industry outlook, physical properties, commercial applications, health and safety factors, and major products.

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 8th ed., 2008
Includes properties of chemicals, articles on equipment, processes, reactor design, safety, etc.
Latest edition on Reserve for this course:  TP151 .P45 2008
Previous editions in regular circulating collection:  TP151 .P45

Over 2000 full text searchable reference books from technical societies and publishers. Browse over 50 books under Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, then Plant Design. See also Oil and Gas Engineering. Search by keywords, chapters are in PDF.

Albright's Chemical Engineering Handbook, Lyle Albright, ed., CRC Press, 2009.   Print ed. in Cooper Library:  TP151 .A565 2009

Yaws' Handbook of Thermodynamic Properties for Hydrocarbons & Chemicals, Knovel, 2009.

Yaws' Thermophysical Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons, Electronic Edition
This database contains almost 450,000 data records covering physical, thermophysical, thermodynamic, transport, safety, and environmental properties for over 5000 inorganic substances and over 35,000 organic substances. Publication date: 2012.

Yaws' Critical Property Data for Chemical Engineers & Chemists


With thanks to Librarian Jill Powell at Cornell University's Engineering Library, and to Professor William Wilcox of Clarkson University, for permission to adapt and re-use information from their Chemical Engineering Design research guides.

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