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Cooper-Hewitt Papers received from the Passaic County Historical Society

Box 7: Abram S. Hewitt: Personal and Family Papers and Correspondence

Folder 1:  “Biographical Notice of Abram Stevens Hewitt” [pamphlet], by Rossiter W. Raymond, 1903.  “Presented to the Albany meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, February 1903, and reprinted from vol. XXXIV of the Transactions of the Institute.”

Folder 2:  Abram Hewitt Personal Receipts, 1862-1867

Folder 3:   Academy of Music, 1881-1887 

Abram Hewitt was a shareholder, supporting the Academy of Music.

File includes correspondence, printed mailings from the Academy, and financial statement for the Academy.

Folder 4:  Abram S. Hewitt  - Family and Friends -- Photographs

4 Photographs: John Percy, M.J. Durham, Mary Ann Wood (hand painted), and John J. Doyle.

Folder 5:  Abram S. Hewitt  -  Family -Newspaper Clippings, 1894-1922

Various newspaper articles about Abram S. Hewitt and Hewitt family members: marriage of Eleanor Margaret Green and Prince Viggo of Denmark, marriage and controversy of Peter Cooper Hewitt and Marion Andrews, Peter Cooper Hewitt’s daughter Ann Cooper Hewitt, Sarah Cooper Hewitt, and Eleanor G. Hewitt. Includes portraits clipped from various newspapers and journals. Also includes newspaper images of family acquaintances: Oswald Ottendorfer, Collis P. Huntington, Thomas Henshall of Paterson, New Jersey, David R. Francis, and Franklin Macveagh.

Folder 6:  Hewitt Personal Correspondence with Relatives, 1854-1900

Folder 7: 1876-1901 Abram Hewitt Correspondence, letters including mention of wife: Sara Amelia Cooper Hewitt.

Folder 8:  Hewitt Sisters (Sara Cooper Hewitt, 1858-1930, Eleanor Gurnee Hewitt, 1964-1924):

Report of the Ladies’ Orchestra, 1885-1886

Report of the Ladies’ Orchestra, 1886-1887.

Folder 9:  Peter Cooper mentioned in Hewitt Correspondence 1854-1879

Folder 10:  Peter Cooper mentioned in Hewitt Correspondence 1880-1902

Folder 11:  Edward Cooper Correspondence to Abram S. Hewitt,  Undated, and 1862-1889

Folder 12:  Edward Cooper Correspondence, Undated, and 1853-1900

Folder 13: Charles Hewitt Estate-Legal Documents 1888-1900:

  • June 30, 1892 Estate of Charles Hewitt Balance Ledger, Discharge as Trustees sent to Abram S. Hewitt (includes envelope sent in).
  • Dec. 31, 1887 and January 1, 1888 Estate of Charles Hewitt Balance Ledgers with cover letter by William Hewitt.
  • Sept. 10, 1888 Executor's Deed, Abram S. Hewitt and William Hewitt to Ann Satkihwail (sp?), Clerks Office of Mercer, NJ.
  • Sept. 10, 1888 Executor's Deed, Abram S. Hewitt and William Hewitt to George Thompson, Clerks Office, Mercer, NJ.
  • Jan. 1900 Mercer Orphan's Court, In the matter of the estate of Charles Hewitt, deceased, Mercer County, NJ (with seal).
  • Sept. 19, 1899 Payments and Disbursements on estate of Charles Hewitt (typewritten).
  • Jan. 1900 Mercer Orphan's Court, In the matter of William Hewitt, acting executor and trustee under will of Charles Hewitt, deed, Mercer, NJ.

Folder 14: Charles Hewitt Estate-Correspondence 1867-1900

Folder 15:  Letters of Reference for Abram Hewitt for travel abroad, and Passport, 1856-1889

Folder 16: Various Papers Relating to Travel, 1867-1891

Nov. 22, 1867 Liverpool and New York Royal Mail notice of sailing.

May 29, 1889 Trip to Europe arranged by members of The American Society of Civil Engineers, Leaving New York by Steamer – list of members traveling. 

July 11, 1891 The Cunard Steamship Company Limited, Liverpool to New York (includes list of saloon passengers, includes A. S. Hewitt and diagrams of ship’s cabins)

Folder 17:  Matlock Bank -- Hydropathic Residence,  pamphlets:

“Matlock Bank Hydropathic Establishment, an unrivalled winter residence for invalids, for midland and northern counties.”  undated.

“Matlock Bank Hydropathic Establishment, near Matlock Bridge Station, Derbyshire.  Unsurpassed winter residence – mild treatment.”  Undated.

Folder 18:  Famous Individuals A-G: Correspondence and Pamphlets, 1856-1902

[It appears that Hewitt biographer Albert Heusser separated these documents from the rest of the collection, based on the then-current notoriety of the correspondents]

  • Adams, Henry (Author and son of Charles Francis Adams), undated.
  • Andrews, William S. (Actor), Oct. 30, 1876.
  • “Lord Salisbury”-Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil (Preceded Gladstone as Prime Minister of England), April 23, 1894.
  • Astor, William Waldorf (Capitalist, Author, U.S. Minister to Italy 1878, Owner of Pall Mall Gazette, May 31, 1891.
  • Bayard, Thomas E. (Secretary of State and Ambassador to England), August 31, 1886.
  • Bigelow, John (Author and Diplomat: Minister to France, etc.), April 17, 1886.
  • Bigelow, Poultney (Author, traveler & historian), Feb. 17, 1882.
  • Bliss, Cornelius Newton (Secretary of the Interior, 1897-98, McKinley Cabinet), May 28, 1894.
  • Bonnat, Leon J. (French painter), July 24, 1889.
  • Boyd Curtis, Charles (Lawyer and art critic), 1884.
  • Brady, Matthew B. (Civil War photographer), Dec. 9, 1856.
  • Burchard, Reveral Samuel D. (19th century clergyman), 1861.
  • Butler, General Benjamin F. (U.S. Army), 1887.
  • Bryant, William Cullen (Writer and editor of New York Evening Post), March 9, 1874.
  • Childs, George W. (Philadelphia publicist and good citizen), Oct. 11, 1888.
  • Croker, Richard (NYC Tammany chieftain, Commissioner of the New York Fire Dept.), April 2, 1886.
  • Ely, Smith, Jr. (Mayor of NYC), April 30, 1881
  • Field, Cyrus W. (Businessman & financier of the Atlantic Telegraph Company), April 25, 1867.
  • Sir John, Lee, General Fitzhugh (Governor of Virginia),
  • Frelinghuysen, Frederick T. (Secretary of State), Dec. 17, 1883.
  • Gilder, Richard Watson (Editor of NYC “Century” Magazine), undated.
  • Goetz, Henry A. (Secretary, the New York Albany Inhalatorium), Aug. 21, 1902.

Folder 19:  Famous Individuals H-W, Correspondence and Pamphlets, 1856-1902.

Files includes leaflets with signatures as well as letters from noted figures.  

[It appears that Hewitt biographer Albert Heusser separated these documents from the rest of the collection, based on the then-current notoriety of the correspondents]

  • Haigh, Joseph Lloyd (J. Lloyd Haigh Company sold faulty wire cables for the Brooklyn Bridge), Dec. 13, 1901.
  • Hay, John  (Secretary of State), Sept. 14, [no year]
  • Herbert, Hilary Abner (Secretary of the Navy 1893-1897), May 8, 1895.
  • Holden, Edward Singleton (Astronomer and author), Feb. 22, 1901.
  • Hughes, Thomas (English author and Member of Parliament), undecipherable date.
  • Hunt, William H. (Secretary of the Navy), Feb. 9, 1884.
  • Jacobi, Abraham (first professor of children's diseases in the U.S)., July 3, 1902.
  • Johnston, General Joseph E. (Confederate States of America), Nov. 6, 1880.
  • Lee, Fitzhugh General (Governor of Virginia), March 15, 1889.
  • McClellan, General George B. (U.S.A. Commander of Army of the Potomac & Governor of N.J.), Nov. 21, 1867.
  • Mitander, Nils (Iron Distributor located in New York), Dec. 18, 1872.
  • Olmsted, Frederick Law (Architect and landscape designer), Aug. 12, 1856.
  • Pender, John (Financier of the Atlantic Cables and a Member of Parliament), July 30, 1889.
  • Roebling, John A. (Civil Engineer, Pioneer in American bridge building), March 1859.
  • Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr., (Father of future President), Sept. 16, 1872.
  • Sage, Russsell (Financier), Feb. 21, 1888.
  • Shepard, Edward M. [letter to] (NYC lawyer and political reformer).
  • Sherman, John (Secretary of the Treasury, later U.S. Senator), Feb. 17, 1879.
  • Smith, Goldwin (Historian), April 19, 1898.  Plus newspaper clipping.
  • Stead, William Thomas (English journalist and author), Dec. 10, 1899.
  • Stevens, Robert J. (Consul of the United States), Dec. 25, 1884.  Includes printed pamphlet “Social Letter to Unanswered Correspondents in America” (1884).
  • Vaux, Calvert (Architect & landscape designer) Dec. 16, 1856.
  • Wald, Lillian D. (Founder of the Henry Street Visiting Nurse Service and of the Henry Street Settlement) Aug. 1, 1902.


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