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Cooper-Hewitt Papers received from the Passaic County Historical Society

Box 19: Telegraph Company Matters; Burke Foundation; Hewitt Philanthropy

Folder 1: Telegraph Image File

“The Atlantic Cable Projectors”:  newspaper clipping image of painting by Daniel Huntington; painted in 1894, at the suggestion of members of the NY Chamber of Commerce, to represent a meeting at the home of Cyrus Field in Gramercy Park attended by Peter Cooper, David Field, Chandler White, Marshall Roberts, Samuel Morse, Moses Taylor, Cyrus Field, and Wilson Hunt.

Folder 2: Telegraph Company Correspondence, 1854-1869

Includes newspaper clippings from July 8, 1859 regarding American Telegraphic Company.

Folder 3: Telegraph Company Correspondence, 1870-1899

Burke Foundation

Folder 4: 1896-1902 Correspondence from Francis S. Langworth applying for position at The Burke Foundation and his credentials from The New York Association for Improving the Conditions of the Poor.

Folder 5: John M. Burke, Burke Relief Foundation documents 1902, and Correspondence

Contains pamphlet “John M. Burke, The Winifred Masterson Burke Relief Foundation, Deed, dated June 25, 1902,” and cover letter dated April 13, 1902 from Edward M. Shepard of Parsons, Shepard & Ogden asking Abram S. Hewitt to review and comment on the deed.  Also included are blank forms signed by Erskine Hewitt, used by the Relief Foundation to decline requests for money.

Folder 6: 1902-1903 Burke Foundation Correspondence

Folder contains general correspondence and requests for aid, notes on deed revisions, letters from possible descendants asking for right to estate, letters from those desiring positions desired at the Burke Foundation.

Folder 7:   New York Times article, 1909

“John M. Burke Left $4,500,000 For Home: Winifred Burke Foundation, a Rest for Convalescents, Is to be Built Now” from The New York Times, December 4, 1909 (printed on acid free paper).

Other Hewitt Philanthropy

Folder 8: 1859, 1870s-1890s Hewitt philanthropy related documents and pamphlets

Organizations included:  Five Points House of Industry, Department of Public Charities and Correction of New York, Children's Aid Society, Haven's Relief Fund Society, The New York Fresh Air Fund, Liverpool Seamen's Orphanage and Home for Destitute Children of Seamen in Staten Island, and Bureau of Charities.

Folder 9: Undated, 1859-1908 Hewitt Philanthropy Correspondence

Includes letters from individuals and organizations asking for financial help and job placement, thank-you notes for donations received.

Folder 10: New York City Citizen's Relief Committee

The New York City Citizen's Relief Committee was organized by the Merchant's Association of New York to raise funds to help sufferers from the 1900 Galveston, Texas hurricane devastation. Typed document includes list of amounts sent to Texas from New York, names of people who joined the organization, and items purchased with funds. (Hewitt's name is not listed among the New York notables who were involved.)

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