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Cooper-Hewitt Papers received from the Passaic County Historical Society

Box 17: Trenton Iron Company, New Jersey Iron & Steel Company, American Bridge Company, Brooklyn Bridge, and Standard Oil

Historical Explanation: Cooper, Hewitt & Company, originally located at No. 17, Burling Slip, New York City, were proprietors of New Jersey Steel and Iron Works and The Trenton Iron Works (both having offices in Trenton, NJ).  They produced and sold rolled iron beams, railroad iron, railroad axles, locomotive tires, refined bar iron, steel-headed rails, charcoal pig iron, brazier's and wire rods, and other iron items.  After Peter Cooper moved his new iron company out from the city, to New Jersey due to noise and smoke complaints by neighbors, he renamed it as the South Trenton Iron Company. When Peter Cooper's son Edward Cooper and Abram S. Hewitt joined in a professional partnership, they created Cooper & Hewitt, created to act as a managing firm for the Trenton Iron Company, and to hold half of the stock first issued.  Peter Cooper remained President of the Trenton Iron Company, owning approximately the second half of the stock.  In 1860, Peter Cooper resigned as president of the Trenton Iron Company, and turned over all responsibility except the most important financial matters to Abram Hewitt and Edward Cooper. (p. 206-207, Peter Cooper, by Edward C. Mack).  In 1886, due to competition with the new western giants, Cooper & Hewitt bought the rolling mills from The Trenton Company, and set up a separate corporation to roll iron and steel called The New Jersey Steel & Iron Company (p. 216, Peter Cooper by Edward C. Mack).

Folder 1: Trenton Iron Co. Legal Documents

  • Deed, Abram S. Hewitt to the Trenton Iron Co., Received April 19, 1854 (signature torn from document)
  • Bond, $200,000 Edward Cooper and Abram S. Hewitt to Peter Cooper, January 1, 1858; also copy of receipt for collateral, 3,000 shares of stock of the Trenton Iron Co., July 1, 1853.
  • Deed, John McKelway and Isabella his wife to Peter Cooper, Received Nov. 11, 1846
  • Document with description of land boundaries of Camden and Amboy Rail Road Companies (unsigned)
  • Deed of trust, Edward Cooper to Abram S. Hewitt, Received Aug. 15, 1853 in the clerk's office of Mercer County and recorded in Book A. of Assignments of Mortgages, pages 8,9, and 10, William Murphy, Clerk.
  • Deed, Isaac Collins and wife to the Trenton Iron Company, Received Dec. 27, 1859 in the clerk's office of the county of Mercer and recorded in volume 45 of Deeds pages 292 and 293, illegible name of clerk.

Folder 2: Trenton Iron Co.-Annual Report 1854

Folder 3: 1859 History of Trenton Iron Company Business

Includes Feb. 26, 1859 flier for sale of Trenton Iron Company shares at the Merchant’s Exchange

Folder 4:  “Stockholders of the Trenton Iron Company with Cooper and Hewitt. Agreement.”

Agreement to sell and transfer all shares of the Trenton Iron Company to Cooper and Hewitt,  August 15, 1867

Folder 5: Trenton Iron Co. Correspondence, Memorabilia and Ledgers 1841-1878

Folder 6: Trenton Iron Co. Correspondence 1892-1901

Folder 7: Order and wire sample for Trenton Iron Co.

Order for Trenton Iron Co. from Star Needle Co. (unknown use for wire) (New Britain), Sept. 18, 1897, with sample of tinned market wire. Correspondence along with order requests the Trenton Iron Company “ship wire direct from factory and we will make check faster to you, not through Cooper & Hewitt, as we want nothing to do with them.”

Folder 8: Order and wire sample for Trenton Iron Co.

Price quote and potential order for Trenton Iron Co. from Wheelock, LoveJoy & Co. (wire for bicycle chains) (New York, NY), Dec. 8, 1899, with sample of cold rolled steel wire.

Folder 9: New Jersey Iron & Steel Co. Ledgers

Interest Acct. Dec. 31, 1870, Edward Cooper and A.S. Hewitt Interest and Acts. Dec. 31, 1870

Folder 10: New Jersey Steel & Iron Co. Correspondence, Jan. 5, 1840-Nov. 29, 1870

Folder 11: New Jersey Steel & Iron Co. Correspondence, April 2, 1872-Nov. 26, 1898

Folder 12: Traffic on Brooklyn Bridge-Bridge Terminal Bill March 16, 1891--April 1901

Folder 13: American Bridge Co., November 1870-December 1900

Folder contains the American Bridge Company correspondence and orders for I-beams. Correspondents include New Jersey Steel & Iron Co. (stockholders) and Cooper Hewitt & Company.  Abram S. Hewitt (on Board of Directors) mentions general management of New Jersey Steel & Iron Co., strike on the East River Park Bridge, erection of the East River Park Bridge, Durham pig iron sales, and “Ecuador work”.  Letter dated October 22, 1900 from President Percival Roberts, Jr. of the American Bridge Co. to Abram S. Hewitt: “our purpose is to apply all receivables of the New Jersey Steel & Iron Company to the liquidations of the indebtedness now existing to Messrs. Cooper Hewitt & Co.”  Also, in letter dated October 5, 1900, mention of Charles E. Hewitt and financial indebtedness of New Jersey Steel & Iron Company to Cooper Hewitt & Company.

Folder 14: Standard Oil,  March-July 1902

Correspondence between Thomas Shaw of Shaw Manufacturing Company and Lilias H. Paine, describing claim for damages caused by alleged unsatisfactory working oils furnished by the Standard Oil Company. Specific problem was cylinder oil for an engine, that caused the engine to stop working.

Box 18: Iron Industry, Durham Mine, American Sulfur Company, Patent Affairs.

Folder 1: Iron Industry Related Correspondence,  Undated and 1854-1879

Folder contains letter dated May 4, 1872 regarding Abram S. Hewitt's 1856 Paper: “Iron the Touchstone;” comments on Abram S. Hewitt's report on “The Production of Iron & Steel in its Economic and Social Relations;” large quantity of correspondence with The Roane Iron Company of Chattanooga; Roane Iron Company Monthly Report -- Rockwood Furnaces of pig iron for June 1878 and February 1879; printed list of Officers of the American Iron and Steel Association for 1875 (Abram S. Hewitt is listed as one of the five Vice Presidents and as a member of the Executive committee).

Folder 2: Iron Industry Related Correspondence, 1881-1901

General correspondence related the iron industry, and a continuation of correspondence with the Roane Iron Company.

Folder 3: Ringwood/Iron Industry Correspondence Undated, 1862-1878

Folder 4: Ringwood Iron Works Correspondence, 1897-1901

Folder 5: Annual Statement to the Stockholders of the Iron Cliffs Company, Nov. 30, 1884.

Folder 6: U.S. Steel Corporation/American Iron & Steel Association, 1882-1902

Folder contains correspondence between the United States Steel Corporation (located in New York, NY) and the American Iron & Steel Association (located in Philadelphia, PA).

Folder 7: Pamphlets, Fliers and Invitations:

Flier: Carrick & Brockbank's Monthly Metal Circular with price lists, July 1, 1867.

Flier: The Abbott Iron Company, Baltimore, MD, Price List, April 5, 1872.

Invitation: to Abram S. Hewitt from the Iron & Steel Institute of Great Britain, Undated.

Letterhead scrap: M. Leiner, Maker of Wire Twisted Brushes, New York, Feb. 6, 1899.

Article Clipping: “Smoke From Iron Furnaces”, from “Bulletin...Steel Association, No. 8,” (article is torn; full name of publication is indecipherable), Undated.

Illustrated Pamphlet: Annual Dinner of the Iron & Steel Institute, Delmonico's Restaurant, NY,

Oct. 2, 1890 (Includes illustrations of Iron and Steel Institute President James Kitson, also Henry Bessemer, Sir William Cavendish, Lowthian Bell, and C. William. Siemens.  Also included are seating arrangements, and list of attendees.

Pamphlet: “Seeing We Are Compassed About By So Great A Cloud of Witnesses,” Baltimore, MD.

(Text regarding Abram S. Hewitt: “he secured an option on the Red Mountain district of Birmingham,

intending to begin a great iron development there”).

Pamphlet: “Classified List of Rail Mills and Blast Furnaces, in the United States, prepared by John M. Swank, Secretary of the American Iron & Steel Association, Philadelphia, PA,  Nov. 1, 1873.

Folder 8:  Iron Sample from C. P. Burke Manufacturing Company, 1888.

Rusted iron sample in small envelope

Folder 9: Passaic Rolling Mill          (1870)     

Includes ledger, and 1870 correspondence.

Durham Mines and Iron Works

[See also the 1865 mortgage held by Peter Cooper on the Durham Iron Works in Box 20, Peter Cooper; Glue Factory, Folder X]

Folder 10: Durham Iron Works, Ledgers 1870-1872

Folder 11: Durham Iron Works, Correspondence Sept. 21, 1870-Oct. 3, 1901

Folder 12: Durham Mines, Correspondence with Mineral Vale Iron Works,  December 1870.

American Sulfur Company

(Peter Cooper and Edward Cooper were among the Directors of the company)

Folder 13:  American Sulfur Company, Minutes of Meetings of Directors: Dec. 30, 1891, Jan. 13, 1892, Jan. 15, 1892

Folder 14:  American Sulfur Company, Correspondence July 6, 1891-March 26, 1892

Patent Affairs

Folder 15: Patent Affairs Correspondence Feb. 5, 1853-June 13, 1862

Folder contains February 5, 1853 correspondence regarding chains for exhibit at the Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics Institute of Washington, D.C.; also discussion of questions for Cooper Hewitt & Company to bring before the Patent Office; March 23, 1859 correspondence regarding buying American patent for Railway Chains; undated and unlabeled sketch of  patent mechanism for a mechanical process; and various correspondence related to:  patents on railroad chains, Newton's English patent for rolling iron, a “Steam Hammer” from Glasgow, a straightening machine, and Bessemer patents.

Folder 16: Patent Affairs Correspondence Jan. 5, 1870-May 13, 1898

Folder contains correspondence discussing glue patent, foreign patent affairs (English, French and Belgian patent on wrought iron);  discussion of Charles Hewitt's system of puddling; discussion of Pernot open hearth furnaces patent; also steel patents, sponge patents, the Martin process for open hearths, and Cocker's patent Meteor Wire Plates.

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