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Cooper-Hewitt Papers received from the Passaic County Historical Society

Box 10: Cooper-Hewitt & Company, 1850 -1859

Folder 1: Correspondence and Orders,  Undated

Folder 2:  Correspondence and Orders, 1850-1854

Folder 3: Correspondence and Orders, 1855-July 1856

Folder 4: Correspondence and Orders, August 1856-1858

Folder 5: Correspondence and Orders, 1859

Folder 6: Cooper Hewitt & Company Telegrams, Cables, 1851-1859

Folder 7:  Cancelled Checks, 1854-1856.

Folder 8:  1854-1856, correspondence with the U.S. Treasury Department regarding production of I-Beams for the U.S. Capitol building.  Also includes correspondence with the Treasury Department regarding the Norfolk Custom House.

Folder 9:  Nov. 5, 1856:  Agreement between Leopold Eidlitz, Architect, Cooper Hewitt & Company and The American Exchange Bank Company, “for the iron work (all the beams, girders, rods, connections, and anchors), pertaining to the floors and roof of a Bank Building to be erected on the corner of Broadway and Cedar Street.”

Folder 10: July 5, 1856 “Draining Wheel” Drawing (Fragile)

Box 11: Cooper Hewitt & Company, 1860-1870

Folder 1: Correspondence and Orders 1860-1869

Folder 2: Correspondence and Orders Jan-Feb. 1870

Folder 3:  Correspondence and Orders March-April 1870

Folder 4: Correspondence and Orders May-Aug. 1870

Folder 5: Correspondence and Orders Sept.-Oct. 1870

Folder 6: Correspondence and Orders Nov.-Dec. 1870

Folder 7:  Telegrams and Cables 1862-1870

Includes information on furnaces; basic interdepartmental correspondence.

Folder 8:  Cooper Hewitt & Co. Empty check book, 1870  (no check stubs).

Box 12: Cooper Hewitt & Company: U.S. Gun Iron Account and U.S. Treasury Receipts

Folder 1: Cooper Hewitt & Co. and U.S. Gun Iron Account -- Orders and Bills, 1862

Folder 2: Cooper Hewitt & Co. and U.S. Gun Iron Account -- Orders and Bills, 1863-1864

Folder 3: Military Account and U.S. Gun Iron Account – Correspondence, Dec. 1, 1854-March 14, 1890

Folder 4: Correspondence with U.S. Treasury Dept. and orders 1854-1884

Treasury Department correspondence with Cooper Hewitt & Company and the New Jersey Steel & Iron Company, regarding orders for beams and girders.

Box 13: Cooper Hewitt & Company: Correspondence, Bills, and Orders, 1871-1877

Folder 1:  Correspondence and Orders, December 1871-March 1872.

Folder 2:  Correspondence and Orders, April 1, 1872-April 10, 1872.

Folder 3:  Correspondence and Orders, April 11, 1872-April 30, 1872.

Folder 4:  Correspondence and Orders, May 1872-December 1872.

Folder 5:  Correspondence and Orders, 1873-1877.

Folder 6:  Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois, Correspondence, 1871-1876.

Folder 7:  Telegrams and Cables, 1872-1877

Consists of orders and correspondence relating to payment.

Box 14: Cooper Hewitt & Company: Correspondence, Bills, and Orders 1878-1879

Folder 1:  Correspondence and orders, January-March 1878.

Folder 2:  Correspondence and orders, April- June 1878.

Folder 3:  Correspondence and orders, July-December 1878

Folder 4:  Cooper Hewitt & Co. cancelled checks, April 6-June 22, 1878.

Folder 5:  Preliminary report on the washing of phosphoric pig iron at Krupp's Works, Essen, Germany,  August 21, 1879.

Folder 6:  Correspondence and orders, November 17- November 24, 1879.

Folder 7:  Correspondence and orders, November 25-November 30, 1879.

Folder 8:  Cooper Hewitt & Co. Telegrams and Cables, 1878-1879.

Consists of orders and correspondence relating to payment.

Box 15: Cooper Hewitt & Company: Correspondence, Bills, and Orders 1880-1902

Folder 1:  Correspondence, Bills and Orders, 1880-1889

Folder 2:  Correspondence, Bills and Orders, 1890-1896

Folder 3: Order and wire sample, 1892

Order for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from George D. Hawkins & Co. (sole manufacturers of iron dress stays) (Hamilton, Ontario), April 30, 1892, with iron sample of tempered steel wire.

Folder 4: Order and wire sample, 1892

Order for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from Hammacher, Schlemmer & Co. (manufacturers of cabinet and piano hardware and fine mechanics tools) (New York, NY), Sept. 21, 1892, with sample of wire straightened and cut.

Folder 5: Order and wire sample, 1895

Order for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from Novelty Stay Co. (no description for use of wire) (Ansonia, CT), Dec. 3, 1895), with sample of iron sample.

Folder 6: Orders and wire samples, 1896

Two orders for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from C. S. Barrows/The Snow Wire Works (manufacturers of elevator enclosures, railings, grilles, and other artistic brass and iron work) (Rochester, NY), Oct. 30, 1896, Nov. 30, 1896, with two samples of hard rolled wire with lacquer finish.

Folder 7:  S. M. Bixby & Company, 1895-1896

Correspondence and printed leaflets. Cooper Hewitt & Company were creditors of S. M. Bixby & Company.

Folder 8:  Correspondence, Bills and Orders, 1897-1899

Folder 9: Order and wire sample,  January 1897

Price quote and potential order for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from R. C. Jenkinson & Co. (manufacturers of truck corners, clamps, buckles, locks, etc) (Newark, NJ), Jan. 14, 1897, with sample of spring steel.

Folder 10: Order and wire sample, August 1897

Order for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from William J. Lockhart (manufacturers of covered strings for pianos and other musical instruments) (Boston, MA), Aug. 10, 1897, with sample of iron wire.

Folder 11: Order and wire sample,  August 1897

Order for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from J. M. Bowen/ Ideal Stay Co./Best Press Stays (manufacturers of sateen-covered dress stays) (Oneida, NY), Aug. 18, 1897, with sample of alumized [sic] dress stay-wire.

Folder 12: Order and wire sample, March 1898

Order for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from C. S. Barrows/The Snow Wire Works (manufacturers of elevator enclosures, railings, grilles, and other artistic brass and iron) (Rochester, NY), March 7, 1898, with sample of cast steel brush wire.

Folder 13: Order and wire sample, September 1898

Order for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from J. C. Jenkinson & Co. (manufactures of metal goods-trunk corners, clamps, buckles, locks, etc.) (Newark, NJ), Sept. 26, 1898, with sample of tempered spring wire.

Folder 14: Order and wire sample, 1899

Order for Cooper Hewitt & Co. from Somers Bros (manufacturers of decorated tin boxes, tin signs and tin tobacco tags) (Brooklyn, NY), Sept. 28, 1899, with sample of hard copper wire.

Folder 15: Correspondence, Bills and Orders, 1900-1902

Box 16: Cooper Hewitt & Company: Correspondence related to Railroads.

Folder 1: General railroad correspondence, undated and 1847-1859

Correspondence contains requests for rails, coal and other railroad related needs/decision making. File includes list of rail mills in the United States for 1856. Organization and companies include: American Rail Road Chair Manufacturing Company; Morris Canal Office; New Albany & Salem Rail Road Company; Trenton Locomotive & Machine Works; New-Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Company; Bay State Iron Company; Little Miami Rail-road Company; Union Rail Road Company; Cleveland & Toledo Rail Road Company; Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad Company; Saratoga & Washington Railroad Company; Manchester & Lawrence Rail Road; Southern Pacific Rail Road Company; Dubuque Wisconsin & Minnesota Packet Company; and Western Rail Road Corporation.

Folder 2: General railroad correspondence 1860-1872

Folder contains correspondence, circulars, other various requests and items related to rail roads. Organizations and companies within this folder include: The Royal Administration of the Swedish State Railway, Frankfort Rail Road Company in business with Louisville, Cincinnati & Lexington Company; London & North Western Railway; South Side Rail Road; The Delaware and Hudson Canal Co.; Montclair Railway Company (New York office).

Folder 3: General railroad correspondence 1873-1900

Folder contains correspondence, circulars, other various requests and items related to rail roads. Organizations and companies within this folder include:  Oregon Railway and Navigation Company; South American Railway Construction Company; Atlanta & Charlotte Air Line Railway Company (office in Montgomery, AL); Union Pacific Denver & Gulf Railway; Southern Railway Company (New York office); Sterling Iron and Railway Company; Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company (office: Richmond, VA).

Folder 4: Boston and Massachusetts area railroads, 1856-1886.

Includes correspondence with the Boston and Lowell Railroad; Boston and Worcester Railroad; Old Colony & Full River Railroad; New York and Boston Railroad Company; Worcester & Nashua Railroad; and Union Pacific Railway Company.

Folder 5: Connecticut area railroads, 1856-1878.

Includes correspondence with Naugatuck Railroad Company; Hartford and New Haven Railroad Co.; New Haven Steamboat Company & Connecticut River Rail Road Line; Connecticut River Railroad; Housatonic Rail Road Company.

Folder 6:  The Pennsylvania Railroad  1854-1902.

Folder 7:  Delaware Lackawanna & Western Rail Road Company, 1856-1878

Folder 8:  Other Pennsylvania area railroads, 1854-1902

Includes correspondence with the Office of the Pittsburgh and Connellsville Rail Road Company; Hazelton Rail Road; Jeddo and Carbon Company Rail Road Company; Lehigh Valley Railroad ; Company; The Reading and Lehigh Rail Road Company; Philadelphia & Reading Rail Road Company; Atlantic and Great Western Railroad; and Hibernia Mine Railroad Company.

Folder 9:  New York area railroads, 1853-1899

Includes correspondence with the Camden and Amboy Railroad; Maysville and Isex Railroad; New Albany and Salem Rail Road Company; Long Island Railroad Company; New York and Harlem Rail Road Company; Third Avenue Railroad Company; Hudson River Railroad; Brooklyn Central & Jamaica Railroad Company; Flushing Railroad Company; New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company; The Dubuque & Sioux City Rail Road Company (from office No. 59 Liberty Street, New York); Atlantic & Great Western Railroad Company; Montclair Railway Company (from office 25 Nassau Street, NY); New York & Oswego Midland Rail Road; Sterling Mountain Railway Company; New York Railway Company; and the Piermont Orange & Nyack Railroad.   

[ Note:  the Cooper Archives also holds copies of the Minutes of the Executive Committee and the Minutes of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad, 1871-1874 ].

Folder 10: Erie Railway Company/New York and Erie Railway/ New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad Company, 1854-1902

Includes “Way Bills of Merchandise” and correspondence.  Also includes a small biographical clip on Jay Gould (1836-1892), the American capitalist who gained control of the Erie Railroad when it was in financial distress. 

Folder 11: Sussex Railroad/Sussex Mine Railroad 1851-1859.   Also includes correspondence of the Sussex Iron Company.  File also includes payroll ledger with signatures and expenditures for November 1851.   Historical note:  The Sussex Railroad, later known as the Sussex Branch of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, was a short-line railroad in northwestern New Jersey. By 1945 it was fully merged into the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad (DL&W) system.

Folder 12:  Ryerson Correspondence with Abram S. Hewitt, Secretary-Treasurer of Sussex Railroad Co., 1854. Correspondence between David Ryerson, President of the Sussex Bank of Newton, NJ, and Abram S. Hewitt regarding a loan from the bank for the completion of the Sussex Railroad.

[Note: Abram Hewitt's brother, Thomas Hewitt, was President of the Sussex Railroad at the time.]

Folder 13:  Other New Jersey area railroads, Undated, and 1854-1900

Includes correspondence with the Green Wood Lake Railway Company; Montclair & Greenwood Lake Railway Company; New York and Greenwood Lake Railway Company (Pompton Junction, NJ); Ringwood Railroad Company; Ringwood Valley Railroad Company; Morris and Essex Rail Road Company; Morris Canal Company/ Morris Canal & Banking Company; Belvidere Delaware Rail Road (Lambertiville, NJ); New Jersey Franklinite Company; Newark & Bloomfield Rail Road Company; New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company; Danforth Locomotive and Machine Company; New Jersey Midland Railway Company; New Jersey Southern Rail Road Company; Camden and Amboy Railroad; Central Rail Road Company of New Jersey; Lehigh Valley Railroad Company – Lessees of Morris Canal (Jersey City, NJ); and The United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company.

Folder 14:  New Jersey Railway Construction Company, 1886.

Includes brochure: “The New Jersey Railway Construction Company: Specifications for Cast Iron Bases and Wheel-Guards for the Third Avenue Line of the Suburban Rapid Transit Company, 1886,” two hand-drawn sketches for specifications, and correspondence.

Folder 15: South Carolina Railroad, 1854.

The South-Carolina Rail Road Company office was located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Folder 16:  The Baltimore & Ohio railroad, 1856-1870.

Folder 17: Virginia area railroads, 1854-1901.

Includes correspondence with the Virginia and Tennessee Rail Road (Lynchburg); Ohio River Railroad Company (Parkersburg, WV); and East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railway.

Folder 18:  Illinois area railroads, 1854-1900.

Includes map of the “Illinois Central Railway and Connections” (9 ¾” x 8”), Sept. 2, 1859, and correspondence with the Chicago and Mississippi Rail Road Company, Illinois Central Railroad Company, and Chicago & North-Western Railway Company.

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