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Cooper-Hewitt Papers received from the Passaic County Historical Society

Box 6: Ringwood Property and Other Real Estate Correspondence 1860-1933

Folder 1:  Ringwood Property Correspondence, Undated and 1856-1876.

Folder 2:  Ringwood Property Correspondence 1880-1933.

Folder 3:  Ringwood - Mining Management, 1870-1890.

Folder 4:  Memoranda for the District Attorney” Regarding Ringwood Property, Undated, 10 pages. 

On stationery from the mayor’s office of the city of New York.   Contains a list of charges against Abram S. Hewitt by the Ryerson Family.

Folder 5:  Greenwood Lake Association, 1888-1900.

Folder contains “Terms of Organization” printed leaflet with list of officers; correspondence regarding land given by Abram S. Hewitt and sheets and pillow cases by Mrs. Sarah Cooper Hewitt to the Sanitarium at Greenwood Lake for poor children; general correspondence regarding renting land at Greenwood Lake; correspondence re Bennet vs. Greenwood Lake Company case involving “deaf and dumb girl for injuries received from a collision at High Street crossing in Orange”; 1891correspondence relating to the Greenwood Lake Improvement Company as plaintiff and the Greenwood Lake Railroad Company as defendant”; letter of  October 4, 1900 mentioning that Erskine Hewitt was elected member of the Greenwood Lake Association.

Folder 6:  General Real Estate Correspondence,  Undated and 1830-1859.

Folder 7:  General Real Estate Correspondence 1860-1888.

Folder 8:  General Real Estate Correspondence 1889-1902.

Folder 9:  Real Estate: Simmons Brothers Real Estate Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA June 1890-1891.

Folder 10:  Real Estate: Florida -- Telegrams and Note from Francis Watt, April-May 1890.

Folder 11:  Belmont Coal Mining Company, Massachusetts. Real Estate Correspondence 1867-1870

Folder contains correspondence primarily between Gardiner G. Hubbard and Abram Hewitt / Cooper Hewitt & Co. regarding stockholders and property, March 1867-November 1870.

Folder 12:  Mineral Vale Iron Co./ Gauly Mountain Coal Co., 1870-1900.

Folder 13:  Ocala, Florida Property -- inspection and purchase, April-May 1890.

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