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Cooper-Hewitt Papers received from the Passaic County Historical Society

Box 4: Hewitt Congressional and Political Correspondence 1872-1904

Folder 1:  Regarding the Capitol Building in Albany, NY, 1872, specifically the desire of laborers and mechanics to be registered to vote, and for free transportation on Election Day.

Folder 2: Affair of Ernest Dickman.  (Appointed to a position as Minister from the United States to Colombia, South America, July 13-17, 1878, charges were leveled against Dickman in relation to his marriage).         

Folder 3: Various Congressional Printed Materials 1874-1900

“What Abram S. Hewitt Thinks” (undated),

Tariff Schedule 1874,

Hewitt’s “Corn Kitchen” Speech at the Paris Exposition, 1878,

House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation meeting announcement 1878, 

Clerk's Office House of Representatives receipt of check from U.S. Treasury, 1878,

Letter of Hon. A. S. Hewitt to Senator Kernan, March 2, 1880 in regard to the Bill before the United States Senate providing for an International Exhibition in New York City for 1883.

Newspaper article, “A New Aqueduct” from The Mail and Express, March 10, 1883.

“A Bill to reduce taxation and simplify the laws in relation to the collection of revenue.” July 1,1888. 

John Pender “To The Electors” 1892 pamphlet, includes photographic portrait of John Pender.

Law Sessions of 1900.

Folder 4:  Congressional Correspondence- 1844-1877, and undated correspondence.

Folder 5:  Congressional Correspondence 1878-1885

Folder 6:  Congressional Correspondence 1886-1893

Folder 7:  Congressional Correspondence 1894-1904

Includes letter dated October 30, 1897 from Axel G. Burman to Abram Hewitt regarding Hewitt's criticism of Henry George.

Folder 8: Congressional-Related Newspaper Clippings 1886-1900

London Times:  “The New York Mayoralty: Result of Election”, 1886.

Unknown Wisconsin newspaper “Mr. Hewitt Is All Right”, Sept. 14, 1892

Unknown Richmond, Virginia newspaper “25,000 Acres of Coal Land Bought”, Dec. 1896.

New York World: “Trusts No Bar To Young Men's Rise: Former Mayor Hewitt

Disagrees with Croker as to Latter-Day Opportunities”, Sept. 2, 1900.

Folder 9: Argument against New York Harbor Commission Bill, 1886

Includes cover letter/correspondence from Walter McFarland Lieutenant of Engineers, Engineering Office, U.S. Army, NYC to Mayor Abram Hewitt.  “Argument against the New York Harbor Commission Bill sent to House Committees on Commerce, Dec. 15, 1886, by Colonel McFarland, Corporation of Engineers, with Appendix.”

Box 5: Abram S. Hewitt: Pamphlets and Business Correspondence 1812-1902

[For Cooper, Hewitt & Company business correspondence, please see boxes 10 through 16]

Folder 1:   Pamphlets by Abram S. Hewitt and others

Hewitt, Abram S.  “A Century of Mining & Metallurgy in the United States.” June 20, 1876.

Hewitt, Abram S.  “The Production of Iron and Steel in Its Economic And Social Relations.” 1870.

Hewitt, Abram S.  “Tariff Report in Congress.”  June 17, 1884.

Lidgerwood, Van.  “Oration in Commemoration of the Life, Virtues,…of…Gen. George Washington.” December 14, 1899.

Newberry, John S. “North America in the Ice Period.” 1886.

Folder 2:   Mineralogical Pamphlets by George Frederick Kunz (1856-1932, Cooper Union alumnus, Class of 1884, American mineralogist and mineral collector).

Kunz, George F.  “The Gems of The National Museum.” 1886.

Kunz, George F. “Hollow Quartz from Arizona.” 1887.

Kunz, George F. “Meteoric Iron from Arkansas.” 1886.

Kunz, George F. “The Meteorites from Glorieta Mountain Santa Fe Co., New Mexico.” 1885.

Kunz, George F. “Mineralogical Notes.” 1888.

Kunz, George F. “Native Antimony at Prince William York County N.B.” 1885.

Kunz, George F. “On a Large Garnet from New York Island.” 1885.

Kunz, George F.  “On Three Masses of Meteoric Iron from Glorieta Mountain, Near Canoncito, Santa Fe County, New Mexico.” 1885.

Kunz, George F. “On Two New Masses of Meteoric Iron.” 1888.

Kunz, George F.  “On Two New Meteorites from Carroll County, Kentucky, and Catorze, Mexico.”1887.

Kunz, George F.  “Precious Stones,” 1885.

Kunz, George F.  “Precious Stones,” 1886.

Kunz, George F.  “Precious Stones,” 1888.

Kunz, George F.  “Precious Stones, Gems and Decorative Stones in Canada and British America.” 1887.     

Folder 3:  Hewitt Libel Suit (During term as Mayor):  2 legal typescript documents:

The People vs. Robert B. Porter and Herbert L. Bridgeman, Court of General Sessions of the Peace of the City and County of New York. 1880s.

Before the Grand Jury, The People vs. Robert B. Porter, August 6, 1888.

Folder 4:  Lawsuit against Sidney Burnwash, London for unpaid bill, July 8, 1892 owed to Cooper-Hewitt & Co.

Folder 5:  Debt of James Rowland & Co. (James and Nathan Rowland)

Correspondence (July 20th, 1878), and handwritten legal document (June 1878).

Folder 6:  Hewitt Business Correspondence Undated, 1812, 1849-1869

Nov. 14, 1812 correspondence is typed copy of letter from James Heard, House of Representatives, to Hon. Lewis Condict, House of Representatives, Washington, DC., requesting assistance with the release of a cargo shipment of British goods that was embargoed by the “Marshal of the Port.”  Additional names are appended, so this may be a petition rather than a letter.

Folder 7:  Hewitt Business Correspondence 1870-1889

Includes correspondence from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the United States Treasury, New York Asphalt Composite Pipe and Paving Co., Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co., T.B. Cottington & Comapany  --  importers of iron and metals, John A Griswold & Co -- Proprietors of the Rensselaer Iron Works, and other various individuals and companies.

Folder 8:  Hewitt Business Correspondence 1890-1902

Includes correspondence from Samuel Lloyds of the American Whig Society of Princeton University, Prince Roland N. Bonaparte, H. Andres of Andres Electrical Belting, Morton T. Bliss of Morton T. Bliss & Company, John Grimmins from The Cable Building regarding building 23rd Street ferry to Jersey City, New Jersey, correspondence with the American Institute of Mining Engineers and other various individuals and companies.

Folder 9:  Memorial Volume on the Centennial of Washington's Inauguration 1894

Correspondence from March-April 1894 regarding shipment of Memorial Volume on the Centennial of Washington's Inauguration, includes list of individuals to whom Hewitt wanted copies shipped (including a copy sent to Cooper Union, now in the Cooper Archives).

Folder 10:  Various Business Cards in envelope



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