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Contents of the Cooper Union Engineering Building Cornerstone

Box 1

Folder 1: Finding Aid


Folder 2:  Complete List of Cornerstone Contents

List of original contents which were sealed into the cornerstone, copied from page 31 of the Cooper Union Annual Report 1959-1960.


Folder 3:  Transistor and Description

Typed description by Jessie B. Sherman, Electrical Engineering Department, Cooper Union, Sept. 11, 1959


Folder 4:  Strain Gage and Description

Typed description (no author), dated Sept. 17, 1959


Folder 5:  Piece of Titanium and Description

Typed description (no author), dated Sept. 17, 1959


Folder 6:  Images of the Bible House

  • Photograph of the Bible House (9 ½” x 6 ¾”), dated Sept. 17, 1959:  shows partially demolished Bible House, which stood on this site for 103 years, 1853-1956.
    Cooper Union Foundation Building at left.

  • Photograph of the Bible House (8 ½” x 10”), dated Sept. 17, 1959:  “Bible House, erected in 1853, was demolished in 1956 to make way for the new engineering building of the Cooper Union, which purchased the property in 1955.Cooper Union Foundation Building, completed in 1859, at right.

  • Etching of Bible House and Cooper Union Foundation Building (7” x 8 ¾”), from Valentine's Manual of New York, 1861.

Folder 7: Cornerstone Ceremony Photographs

  • Photograph of  Irving S. Olds, Chairman of the Board ofTrustees of The Cooper Union, addressing an outdoor crowd, on the site of the new engineering building. New York City Mayor Robert F. Wagner, Jr. is visible in the front row, second from left. (8” x 10”)

  • Photograph of Herbert Hoover addressing the gathering, with Cooper Union President Dr. Edwin S. Burdell, Trustee Arthur Houghton, Jr, Trustee Irving S. Olds, and Dean Norman L. Towle in foreground.  Foundation Building in background.  (8” x 10”)

  • Photograph of Cooper Union President Edwin S. Burdell addressing the group, with scaffolding and construction workers in background. (8” x 10”)


Folder 8: Cornerstone Ceremony Speech Transcriptions

Transcription of tape recording of the cornerstone ceremony of Cooper Union's new School of Engineering Building, Fourth Avenue and Astor Place, Manhattan, Thursday, September 17, 1959, 9:45am. 16 pages, bound.


Folder 9: Cornerstone Ceremony Program

Cornerstone Ceremony For the New Building of the School of Engineering, 9:45am, Sept. 17, 1959, Fourth Avenue and Astor Place, Cooper Union.


Folder 10: Copy of Cooper Union Pioneer Newspaper

Copy of the September 11, 1959 (Vol. XXXIX, no issue number) Pioneer, Cooper Union's student newspaper, including an account of plans for the cornerstone ceremony.


Folder 11: Cooper Union General Publications

  • Cooper Union Commencement program, June 3, 1959

  • Cooper Union Centennial News, Vol. 2, no. 2, October 1959

  • The Cooper Union School of Engineering Catalog, 1959-1960, day and evening sessions

  • The Cooper Union Art School Catalog, 1959-1960

  • The Cooper Union Student Handbook,1959-1960

  • The Cooper Union Forum, 1959-1960, lists adult education classes and lectures

  • Proceedings – The Cooper Union Alumni Gathering – Citations for Distinguished Alumni- Tribute by Justice Felix Frankfurter, Oct. 6, 1956

  • Program Commemorating The 99th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's address at The Cooper Union, The 150th anniversary of Lincoln's birth, coinciding with the issuance of a 3 cents Lincoln stamp, the founding of the Cooper Union in 1859, with postage stamp inside, 1959.

  • A Symbol in Brownstone: The Story of The Foundation Building of The Cooper Union by President of The Cooper Union Dr. Edwin S. Burdell

  • Pamphlet The Cooper Union: Forever devoted to the advancement of science and art,undated

  • Reprinted Letter dated April 29, 1859 from Peter Cooper to the Trustees of 'The Cooper Union For the Advancement of Science and Art,' reprinted October 9, 1856 with a note from the Trustees of Cooper Union.

  • Pamphlet The Younger American Scholar: His Collegiate Origins by Robert H. Knapp and Joseph J. Greenbaum, The Cooper Union.  Pamphlet shows the current rating for Cooper Union's Engineering School in relation to other schools, 1953.


Folder 12: Cooper Union Alumni News

Cooper Union Alumni News, issues of bi-monthly publication:

  • Vol. 22, no. 5, Feb.-March 1959, Founder's Day Yearbook Issue

  • Vol. 23, no. 1, June-July 1959


Folder 13: Foundation Building Image, Manhattan Telephone Directory

Cover page of the 1959-1960 Manhattan Telephone Directory, illustrated with a picture of the original Cooper Union foundation building.


Folder 14: Proof Set of United States Coins, 1959

Set of 5 coins, (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half-dollar), dated 1959, produced by the United States Mint, Philadelphia, PA, United States Treasury Department.


Folder 15: Cooper Union Financial Statement

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Accountants' Report, Financial statements and Schedules, June 30, 1959, Peat, Marwick Mitchell and Co., Accountants and Auditors.


Folder 16: Cooper Union Entrance Examinations and Professional Examinations

  • Cooper Union Art School, Entrance Test for Day and Evening Programs, with problems and directions. Undated. Introductory description by Walter S. Watson, Director of Admissions and Registrar.

  • Entrance examinations common to day and evening Art students and evening Engineering students:
    • Curtis Completion Form, Science Research Associates.
    • Block Counting, The Cooper Union.
    • Cooperative School and College Ability Tests, Educational Testing Service.

  • Cooper Union Entrance Examination in English Composition, undated.

  • College Entrance Examinations for Day Engineering Students:
    • Cooperative Tests for Physics, Plane Trigonometry, Intermediate Algebra, Plane Geometry and Chemistry, includes blank answer form for each test, copyright 1948-1950.
    • Scholastic Aptitude Test (Verbal and Mathematics Sections); Also taken by Day Art Students.

  • Examinations for Entering Engineering Students in the Evening Program:
    • Five Cooperative Tests produced by the Educational Testing Service, for Physics, Plane Trigonometry, Intermediate Algebra, Plane Geometry and Chemistry, copyright 1948-1950.

  • Professional Engineering Examination of The State of New York, Parts I, II, and III (2 sets of each: one dated February 1959; one dated June 1959. Parts I and II to be taken by Engineering students immediately upon graduating.


These papers are held in the Cooper Union Archives and Special Collections, 7 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10003. 

Archives materials are available to interested researchers by appointment only. 

Please contact Katie Blumenkrantz, Archives Librarian:  
          tel: 212-353-4184

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