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Finding an Article or Book from a Citation: Scenarios

How to decipher references you find to other items that are mentioned in footnotes, bibliographies, endnotes, etc. - AND how to track those items down.

Situations that lead to deciphering citations

You may find yourself in one of these situations:

  • You're searching an article database. The search results show a citation to an article that seems to be perfect for your topic, but there is one major problem - no link to the actual article! Just the citation!!! WHY?

  • You just finished reading a chapter in a book that contained great background material for your topic. At the end of the chapter is a list of references to many other items, and you would like to find some of them. BUT HOW?!

Don't stress, and don't give up on finding the item just because there is no link to the full text right in front of you. If it's a great article or book, then it's worth tracking down! Learning this process provides you with a skill that will serve many of your information wants and needs far into the future.

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