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Library FAQ

At what rate do overdue fines accrue?

The library no longer charges daily fines on overdue books.  We do charge $1.00 a day for overdue books that have been recalled, and $1.00 an hour for overdue Reserve books.

What amount in overdue fines can be in my account before I'm unable to check out books?

A total of $5.00 and over in fines at the consortium libraries will block you from checking out items.

There's a $115 fee on my account that wasn't there yesterday. Why?

At 50 days overdue, a book moves to Billed as Lost status.  A $100 replacement charge and $15 processing fee are automatically added to your account.  The $100 amount is adjusted by Cooper Union librarians to the current market cost for the item.  If you return the book, you only need to pay the overdue fines on it, which will not exceed $20 (for a non-recalled, non Reserve book.)

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