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Library FAQ

Is there a restroom in the library?

No.  There are restrooms located on the second floor of the Foundation Building. 

Is there free wireless access for patrons and visitors?

Yes! Students, faculty, staff, and administrators at the Cooper Union use the same login process as at other campus locations. Consortium patrons, Friends of the Library members, and other visitors may get instructions at the Reference Desk.

Why doesn't the library have a Book Drop?

The main reason is to assure that our valuable art, architecture and engineering books do not become damaged in the ensuing pile up and weight of returned books.  The library administrators are considering various options to serve our patrons in this regard.

Do you allow food in the library?

We're becoming a little more lenient on our food policy.  We're not a cafe, but you can bring small snacks in.  If we start seeing spills all over and garbage left behind,  we'll adjust our guidelines.

Do you allow beverages in the library?

Only covered containers.  We won't object if you bring your coffee or tea in.  Please be mindful of all our valuable art, architecture and engineering books.

What is the Friends of the Library program?

It's a new way for alumni, researchers, out of town visitors and people in the neighborhood to use the library or even borrow materials.  For more information, visit

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