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Records of the Cooper Union Engineering Honor Societies: Mu Alpha Omicron and the Iota Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, 1926-1981

Series 1: Mu Alpha Omicron Honor Society at Cooper Union

Box 1


Folder 1:   Book: Mu Alpha Omicron Constitution & ByLaws 1929

(Brown book)

Folder 2:   Book:  “History and Ritual of Mu Alpha Omicron

Burgundy book labeled “Record” 1929-April 1943” (8 ½” x ½” x 10 ¼”)  Book contains list of initiates, Scrivener's Report/Minutes, and pages titled “The Founding of Mu Alpha Omicron.”

Folder 3: “The Cooper Union”

Burgundy three-ring binder 1931-1936 (10” x 1 ¾” x 11 ¼”). 

Binder contains 1927 faculty-authorized constitution, 1926 faculty-adopted constitution, 1933 lists of members (since founding), 1931-1939 correspondence, and Mu Alpha Omicron certificates dated June 1, 1936 for the following individuals:

 Berlin, Abraham(Class of Engineering 1936 Day)

 Baptista, Frederick W. (Class of Engineering 1936 Day)

 Decker, Harold D. (Class of Engineering 1936 Day)

 Lipschitz, David (Also listed as Lipson, David, Class of Engineering 1936 Day)

 Mikulka, Charles (Class of Engineering 1936 Day)

 Moore, Vincent T. (Class of Engineering 1936 Day)

 Patt, Abraham (Class of Engineering 1936 Day)

 Schallis, Alvin H. (Class of Engineering 1937 Day)

 Varnum, Gerald F. (Class of Engineering 1937 Day) 

[Class information obtained from The 1954 Directory of Cooper Union Graduates and Former Students]

Folder 4: Beginning of Mu Alpha Omicron

Black three-ring binder 1940-1941 (10” x 1 ¾” x 11 ½”)  Binder contains papers of Mu Alpha Omicron: Founding, Initiation of members, 1939-40 minutes, Constitution & By-Laws, original papers, and addresses.  Book also contains correspondence and newspaper clippings.

Folder 5: Mu Alpha Omicron Constitution & Scholastic Awards 1940-1942

Mu Alpha Omicron Constitutions dated January 1940 and October 1942, report of Mu Alpha Omicron Night Monetary Award Committee April 14, 1942, and 1942 correspondence relating to Monetary Awards/Scholastic Awards

Folder 6:  Mu Alpha Omicron Correspondence 1941-1944

Correspondence, including some with Tau Beta Pi regarding granting of charter.

Folder 7:  Book:  Mu Alpha Omicron.     Olive canvas binder 1941-1942 (10” x 2 ½” x 11 ½”). 

Book contains blank Mu Alpha Omicron  certificates, 1947 Standard Practice for election of new members for Tau Beta Pi;  minutes and correspondence 1941-1942; Mu Alpha Omicron receipts for purchases and letterhead stationary.

Folder 8:  Mu Alpha Omicron   Black book 1940-1947 (9” x 1 ¼” x 11 ½”)

Book contains blank Mu Alpha Omicron stationary; list of Mu Alpha Omicron officers 1946-1947; 1940-1947 correspondence, and list of members and ages.

Folder 9:  Mu Alpha Omicron Membership List 1926-1955

Some lists are undated, and do not specify if Mu Alpha Omicron, or Tau Beta Pi members.

Folder 10:  Mu Alpha Omicron and Tau Beta Pi Certificates

Includes certificates awarded to the following individuals:

Banikiotes, Gregory C., Undated (MAO) [Engineering 1944 Night School]

Birenbaum, Leo, Undated (MAO) [Engineering 1946 Day School]

Blumberg, Abraham, March 1946. (MAO) [Engineering 1948 Day School]

Chaite, Irving, March 1946. (MAO) [Engineering 1946 Night School]

Diamond, Joseph, Undated (MAO) [Engineering 1944 Day School]

Friedman, Daniel, March 1946. (MAO) [Engineering 1946 Day School]

Gorky, Henry M., March 1946. (MAO) [Engineering 1946 Night School]

Gucker, George G., Undated (MAO) [Engineering 1945 Night School]

Hauck, Frank E., Undated (MAO) [Engineering 1946 Night School]

Jones, John Paul, 1949. (TBP) [sample certificate]

Sackson, Murray, 1943 (MAO) [Engineering 1942 Day]

Shanaban/Shanahan, William, Undated (MAO) [Engineering 1946 Day]

Saltz, Fred, Undated (MAO) [Engineering 1944 Evening]

Szmoisz, Jerzy, Undated (MAO) [not listed]

Tranig, Murray, Undated (MAO) [not listed]

Widmer, Wilber J., Undated (MAO) [Engineering 1946 Night School]

Wright, Roger M. November 1958. (TBP) [Engineering 1963 Night School]

Yesselman, Joseph B., Undated (MAO) [Engineering 1945 Day School]

[Class information obtained from The 1954 Directory of Cooper Union Graduates and Former Students and the 1973 Cooper Union Alumni Directory]

 Folder 11:  Book : Petition to Tau Beta Pi From Mu Alpha Omicron   (Bound, black)

Copy of original petition submitted to Executive Council of Tau Beta Pi February 1943, (bound beige with blue spine) duplicate copy of same petition, July 1942.

Folder 12: “The Cooper Union Mu Alpha Omicron”

Small brown spiral bound notebook 1941-1943 (5 ¼” x 8”) Book contains lists of cash in and out of account.

Folder 13: Mu Alpha Omicron Financial File  

Red and black bound ledger labeled “2780 D-S” May 1941-June 1944, (8”x 1 ¼” x 10 5/8”).  Ledger contains records of disbursement of funds, dues, cash receipts, and dinner costs.

Series 2: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter: Chapter Business

Box 1, continued


Series 2: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter: Chapter Business


Folder 1:  Petitions to Establish a Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Cooper Union

“Petition to the Executive Council of Tau Beta Pi From Mu Alpha Omicron, The Cooper Union School of Engineering” 1943-1946 (3 copies)

“Petition To the Tau Beta Pi Association From the Honorary Engineering Association of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn 5, N.Y., 1950”

Folder 2: Petition to the Executive Council of Tau Beta Pi from Mu Alpha Omicron, 1943

Petition to The Executive Council of The Tau Beta Pi Association From The Mu Alpha Omicron Engineering Honor Society of The Cooper Union School of Engineering, 1943, Revised 1946 (2 copies).

Folder 3: Original copies of material used in Mu Alpha Omicron Petition to Tau Beta Pi, February 1943Black book (9” x 1 ½” x 11 ½”) 1938-1943. 

Book contains biographies of Cooper Union Engineering Faculty (originals and typed copies):

Bateman, George Frederick (Dean, School of Engineering; Professor of Mechanical   Engineering and Head of Department)

Allerton, Joseph (Instructor in Chemistry)

Ball, Albert (Professor Emeritus of Physics)

Bayer, Alfred R. (Instructor in Chemistry)

Beiler, Albert H. (Instructor in Mathematics)

Birdsall, Henry A. (Instructor in Chemistry)

Bossert, W. E. (Instructor in Physics and Lecture Assistant)

Brooks, Louis (Instructor in Mechanical Engineering)

Brown, William E. (Instructor in Civil Engineering)

Brumfield, Ray C. (Associate Professor of Civil Engineering)

Burns, Roy W. (Instructor in Physics)

Burrell, Randolph W. (Instructor in Electrical Engineering)

Chamberlain, Lawrence E. (Instructor in Civil Engineering)

Clayton, Temple (Instructor in Chemistry)

Currey, John J. (Instructor in Engineering Drawing)

Deed, Donald W. (Instructor in Chemical Engineering)

Di Giovanni, Hugo J. (Instructor in Electrical Engineering)

Ely, John A. (Adjunct Professor of Civil Engineering)

Foote, Frank G. (Assistant Professor of Metallurgy-on leave)

Forrester, Frank R. (Instructor in Chemistry)

Gahagan, Joseph (no title listed)

Goertz, Albert (Instructor in Physics)

Graf, Rudolf E. (Instructor in Machine Design)

Griswold, Edward M (Instructor in Engineering Drawing)

Hagerty, Philip E. (Instructor in Civil Engineering)

Halsey, Hugh (Instructor in Physics)

Hamilton, William I. (Instructor in Mechanical Engineering)

Heil, Louis M. (Professor of Physics and Head of Department)

Hope, Henry B. (Assistant Professor of Chemistry)

Hostetter, Jacob W. (Instructor in Electrical Engineering)

Iodice, Renato P. (Instructor in Engineering Drawing)

Kessler, Leo Oliver (Instructor in Machine Design and Engineering Drawing)

Koenig, Herman C. (Instructor in Physics)

Kutzelman, Elmer G. (Instructor in Mechanical Engineering)

Lehmann, Charles H. (Instructor of Mathematics)

Levenson, Morris E. (Instructor in Mathematics)

Levine, Benjamin (Instructor in Mathematics)

Liebeskind, Herbert (Chemical Engineering Dept.)

Lofgren, Kenneth E. (Assistant Professor of Machine Design)

MacDonald, J. K. L. (Assistant Professor of Mathematics)

Mainardi, Marcus N. (Physics)

McMackin, Frank J. (Instructor in Mathematics)

Mendizza, August (Instructor in Chemical Engineering)

Merritt, Harold W. (Assistant Professor of Physics)

Miller, Jr., David (Instructor in Mechanical Engineering)

Miller, Frederic H. (Associate Professor of Mathematics and Acting Head of Dept.)

Morrison, Gilbert (Instructor in Civil Engineering)

Muhlsteff, Robert P. (Instructor in Machine Design & Engineering Drawing)

Neugebauer, George H. (Assistant Professor of Machine Design)

Nill, Edwin P. (Instructor in Electrical Engineering)

Nudd, Philip (Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering)

Oathout, John D. (Instructor in Chemical Engineering)

O'Mara, John (Instructor in Civil Engineering)

Parsons, Lester J. (Instructor in Mechanical Engineering)

Perez, Lawrence (Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering)

Peterson, J. Merriam (Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering)

Phillips, Edward B. (Instructor in Engineering Drawing)

Puller, Otto G. (Instructor in Machine Design & Engineering Drawing)

Queen, Henry J. (Instructor in Physics)

Radasch, Arthur H. (Professor of Chemical Engineering and Head of Department)

Read, Donald N. (Assistant Professor of Physics)

Reis, Albert (Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering)

Reyhner, Theodore O. (Instructor in Physics)

Reynolds, Kenneth Cass (Civil Engineering Department)

Robbins, Paul H. (Instructor in Civil Engineering)

Roberts, Claude M. (Instructor in Civil Engineering)

Roeben, Fred J. (Instructor in Chemistry)

Roemmele, Herbert F. (Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering)

Roth, Sidney G. (Instructor in Mathematics)

Ruf, Albert J. (Instructor in Physics)

Rutan, Everett J. (Instructor in Electrical Engineering)

Salima, Emanuel A. (Instructor in Mechanical Engineering)

Salter, Ernest (Instructor in Physics)

Schaffner, Charles E. (Instructor in Civil Engineering)

Sheiry, Edward S. ( Professor of Civil Engineering and Head of Department)

Shelton, Edward E. (Instructor in Electrical Engineering)

Sheridan, S. B. (Instructor in Mathematics)

Sherman, Clarence S. (Assistant Professor of Chemistry)

Sherman, Jesse B. (Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering)

Sklar, Samuel E. (Instructor in Mathematics)

Skrotzki, Bernhardt G. A. (Instructor in Mechanical Engineering)

Smith, Reginald S. (Instructor in Physics)

Starr, Ernest W. (Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering)

Stoddard, Harold B. (Instructor in Electrical Engineering)

Stolzenbach, Charles F. (Instructor in Chemistry)

Tallman, Frank H. (Instructor in Electrical Engineering)

Thomas, Evan E. (Instructor in Metallurgy)

Towle, Norman L. (Professor of Electrical Engineering and Head of Department)

Van Note, Frederick G. (Instructor in Electrical Engineering)

Vopat, William A. (Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering)

Waters, Daniel Vaughn (Instructor in Machine Design)

Williams, J. P. J. (Instructor in Civil Engineering)

Wiswesser, William J. (Instructor in Chemical Engineering)

Young, C. Higbie (Professor of Machine Design and Engineering Drawing and Head of Department

Humanities Faculty Biographies included in Folder 3:

Buckingham, Leroy H.

de Someri Childs, Ralph

Caldiero, Frank M.

Churchhill, Charles W.

Cumerland, Robert William

Embler, Weller

Fels, William Carl

Krhiss, Paul

Lancour, Harold Adlore (Library)

Lynch, William S. (Professor in Charge, Dept. of Humanities)

Peterson, Houston (Divison of Social Philosophy)

Raddin, Jr., George Gates

Riedel, J. Carl

 Also included in Folder 3:  List of prominent Cooper Union graduates;

1938-1943 statistics of Cooper Union Evening Engineering enrollment and graduates.

Folder 4:   Petitions and Other Materials Submitted to Tau Beta Pi, including history and background of Engineering Education at Cooper Union.  Materials dated 1943-1946.

File includes signed petition; “The Cooper Union” history (with a focus on the engineering school) (3 versions); abridged list of prominent Cooper Union engineering graduates; Cooper Union Engineering Faculty Teaching Schedule (hours per week for school year of 1945-1946); list of extracurricular activities; Statistics of Enrollment in day and evening courses 1941-1945; brief professional biographies of Cooper Union engineering faculty; 6” x 10” photographs of letters of petition (no originals), signed by Gano Dunn (President, Cooper Union), Edwin S. Burdell (Director, Cooper Union), George F. Bateman (Dean, School of Engineering, Cooper Union), Norman L. Towle (Faculty Advisor, Mu Alpha Omicron), R. C. Brumfield (Civil Engineering Professor), Ernest W. Starr (Electrical Engineering Professor), George H. Neugebauer (Machine Design, Professor), J. W. Hostetter (Electrical Engineering Instructor), William Wisewessor (Chemical Engineering Instructor), Joseph Allerton (Chemical Engineering Instructor), Paul H. Robbins (Supervisor of War Time Training), and Lawrence E. Chamberlain (Civil Engineering Instructor).

Folder 5: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter, President John J. McGinn Records 1962-1963

Chapter president’s records.

Folder 6: Tau Beta Pi Meeting Minutes May 1963-April 1967

File contains minutes, meeting correspondence, schedule for meetings, and attendance reports.

Folder 7: Meeting Minutes, etc. 1967-1968

Minutes, Attendance Lists, Annual Chapter Survey, Contribution Sheets for Dinner Costs.

Folder 8: Meeting Minutes & Attendance List May 1969-1970

Folder includes list of eligible members, correspondence Sept.-Nov. 1978, Minutes Oct. 1977-78, Evaluation Report on the District Program.

Folder 9: Meeting Minutes 1971-1979


Box 2

Folder 10: Tau Beta Pi Annual Chapter Survey

Survey of local, Cooper Union chapter of Tau Beta Pi.  6 Total surveys undated, one dated 1978.

Folder 11: Tau Beta Pi Humanities Award 1949-1965

Correspondence, blank humanities award of merit certificates,

1954 Report of the Humanities Award Committee, 1954 supplement to Report of the Humanities Award Committee,

1950 Report of the Humanities Award Committee,

one page reproduction of The Council Bulletin issue November 1950, no. 2 with Humanities Award Annoucements,

1949 memorandum, 1950 memorandum to Joseph Engelberg from the Cooper Union Department of Humanities with an outline of procedure to select papers. 

 Folder 12: Humanities Award Winning Papers

“A Short Essay on Time” by Szego, Julius L. 1950.

“Demography and War” by Pattarini, C. B., 1951.

“The Theory of Inductive Inference in the 17th and 18th Centuries” by Martens, Henrik H., 1952.

Folder 13: Tau Beta Pi Honorarium 1963-1966

New York Iota Chapter.

Folder 14: Tau Beta Pi Course Evaluation Questionnaire 1956-1958

New York Iota Chapter for Cooper Union School of Engineering.

Folder 15: Cooper Union Engineering School

Folder contains engineering school notices (1981) and administrative policy in regard to faculty advisors (1953, 1956).

Folder 16: Annual Cooper Union Honor Societies Dinner 1965-1969

List of invitees, planning, outlines for event, and correspondence.

Folder 17: Tau Beta Pi Duplicates-Activities, Calendar & Committee Procedure

Local Tau Beta Pi information on activities, calendar & committee procedure.

Folder 18: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter, Initiation Ritual

Folder 19: Tau Beta Pi Bent [Sculpture] Dedication to Dean George F. Bateman 1962

Invitation card (4” x 6”) to The Tau Beta Pi: The Dedication of The Bent in Honor of Dean George F. Bateman.

Program (4” x 6 ½”) for The Tau Beta Pi: Dedication of The Bent in Honor of Dean George F. Bateman.

Sketch (17” x 22”) for plaque reads: “The Bent, Mark of Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society, Dedicated by The New York Iota Chapter, To the Memory of George F. Bateman (1886-1948) Dean, Educator, Friend and Charter Member of the Chapter, January 1962, The Cooper Union School of Engineering.” 

Note:  The Cooper Archives is also the repository for the Papers of George F. Bateman. The Cooper Archives also has another, smaller file of Bateman’s papers, the George F. Bateman Collection of Cooper Union Alumni Association Materials . 

Folder 20: Tau Beta Pi Summer Tutoring Program Correspondence 1940-1943

Includes: correspondence 1940-1943; Notes for classes; Newspaper clippings; Final Marks for Tutoring Classes;  Information cards;  Lists of Activities;  1942 List of Instructors.

Folder 21: Tau Beta Pi Summer Tutoring Program Correspondence 1944-1965

Includes: correspondence 1944, 1947-48, 1963-65; 1947 List of students and grades for College Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Chemistry II, Differential Equations, Mathematics, Descriptive Geometry, Freshman Physics; Mathematical problems/equations; request forms for room reservations; List of Tau Beta Pi members and subjects of specialty, and Principles of Orthonographic Projection tests with diagrams.

Folder 22: Tau Beta Pi Report of the Summer Tutoring Committee 1947, 1948, 1963

Includes cover letter, names of students involved, and report for October 13, 1948. 

Also cover letter and report for 1947, and report for 1963.

Folder 23: Tau Beta Pi Tutoring Committee Mathematics Exams 1943, 1962-1964

Old mathematical examinations for use in tutoring program.

 Folder 24:  Book: Tau Beta Pi President's Book

(9 ¾” x 1 1/3” x 11 ½”)  Book contains: Chapter Bylaws, The Tau Beta Pi Association, New York Iota Chapter, The Cooper Union School of Engineering, Preliminary information for the President, general suggestions, awards-prizes, banquet/dinner meetings, committees, election of members, files and records, finances, initiation, duties of officers, election of officers, projects, and publicity.

 Folder 25: Chapter Business Miscellaneous File

“Job Action: Public Meeting on The Crisis of Unemployment” flyer; Tau Beta Pi Laureates Program explanation (October 1981); Undated list of “Presidents, 61st year”; Information on The Metropolitan Council of Tau Beta Pi; and various unidentified loose papers.

Series 3: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter: Financial Records

Box 2, continued

Series 3: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter: Financial Records

Folder 1:  Account Ledgers, 1948-1953

Folder also contains blank ledger sheets in envelope.

Folder 2: Tau Beta Pi Financial Information & Correspondence 1953, 1969-1970

File contains Treasurer's Reports.

Folder 3:  Tau Beta Pi Receipts & Financial Documents

File includes receipts for stationery supplies; Internal Revenue-related correspondence; papers, bills, and canceled checks; chapter bookkeeping system.

Folder 4: Tau Beta Pi Bank Statements 1956-1958

Includes Chapter’s bank statements from The Chemical Corn Exchange Bank, under Professor F. H. Miller, Cooper Union.

Folder 5: Tau Beta Pi Bank Statements Jan.-Sept. 1959

Chapter’s bank statements from The Chemical Corn Exchange Bank, under Professor F. H. Miller, Cooper Union.

Folder 6: Tau Beta Pi Bank Statements Oct. 1959-Jan. 1962

Chapter’s bank statements from The Chemical Bank New York Trust Co., under Professor F. H. Miller, Cooper Union.

Folder 7:  Tau Beta Pi Checkbooks, 1961-1965

Folder 8: Records:  Receipted Bills & Financial Information 1962-1968

Folder 9: Tau Beta Pi Convention Delegate Expense Report 1962-1965

Series 4: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter: Correspondence

Box 2, continued


Series 4: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter:  Correspondence


Folder 1: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence, etc.  Undated.

Folder 2: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence 1923-1924

Folder 3: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence 1941-1945

Folder 4: “Tau Beta Pi - New York Iota - Correspondence Book I”

Blue looseleaf book with entries from March 1946-1949, (9” x 1” x 11 ½”). 

Book contains list of Mu Alpha Omicron alumni members.

Folder 5: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence, etc. 1946-1955

Includes:  Correspondence 1946-1948; Mu Alpha Omicron Members record 1946;  Mu Alpha Omicron contribution list 1946-1947; The Cooper Pioneer (Wednesday, January 8, 1947, Vol. XXVI, No. 10), article on page 2 about the end of Mu Alpha Omicron, and the founding of Iota chapter of Tau Beta Pi; Invitation card with menu, “Induction of the Mu Alpha Omicron of the Cooper Union School of Engineering as the Iota Chapter of New York of the Tau Beta Pi Association January 11, 1947, Hotel Empire”; election of new members 1947; Tau Beta Pi Officers elected 1947-1948.

Folder 6: Correspondence 1956-1959

Tau Beta Pi Annual Chapter Survey and Correspondence.

Folder 7: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence 1960-1963

Folder 8: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence 1964

Folder 9: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence with Cooper Union 1964-1967

Correspondence with Professor Herbert F. Roemmele (Faculty Advisor of Tau Beta Pi, Professor, Cooper Union Engineering School).

Folder 10: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence 1965-66

Folder 11: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence 1967-1970

Chapter Officer Information sheet, Notes, Correspondence within Cooper Union Committee and correspondence with national Tau Beta Pi Association in Knoxville, TN.

Folder 12: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence and Notes 1971-1977

Folder 13: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence 1978-1980

Folder 14: Tau Beta Pi Correspondence 1981-1983

Correspondence for 1981 contains biographical information on Carl Selinger (CE 1967) and Willard L. Warren (EE 1950).

Folder 15:  Book:  “Tau Beta Pi Corresponding Secretary Herman Bilenko 4DEE”

Black book, 1963-1964, (9” x 1” x 11 ½”).  Book contains: Chapter correspondence, National correspondence, Memberships, Bylaws, and Expenses)

Series 5: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter: Members

Box 3

Series 5: Tau Beta Pi,  Iota Chapter:   Members

Folder 1:  Photographic File

  • (4 ½” x 3 ¾”) small yellow photo card encasing a black and white photograph:  “1st Annual Joint Initiation and Dinner - Tau Beta Pi and Phi Tau Sigma, Saturday, May 8th, 1954, Barbizon Hotel.”
  • (8” x 10”) Black and white group photograph with “Cooper Union” cloth banner hung behind 14 unidentified men (2 copies)
  • (8” x 10”) Black and white group photograph with 14 unidentified male members of Tau Beta Pi, back reads “Cooper Union 1948 TBP.”
  • (6” x 9”) Black and white group photograph of 17 unidentified men, back reads “Tau Beta Pi.”

All following photographs are 8 x 10 inches, black and white, with persons posing next to the Tau Beta Pi plaque on wall of Engineering Building, with cover letter describing event and date: January 26, 1962 at The Bent Dedication:

  • Ralph Healy, Member, Fellowship Committee; Robert H. Nagel, Secretary-Treasurer, Tau Beta Pi; and Dean Emanuel A. Salma, Member, Fellowship Committee, 2 copies.
  • Professor Frederick H. Miller, Faculty Advisor and Leon Chernick, President, New York Iota, 2 copies.
  • President Leon Chernick and Professor Herbert F. Roemmele, 3 copies.
  • Mrs. George F. Bateman, widow of Dean Bateman (Right) and unidentied woman, 1 copy.
  • Mrs. George F. Bateman, widow of Dean Bateman, alone, 1 copy.
  • Officers of New York Iota 1961-62, left to right: Eric K. Wallstedt, Vice President; Leon Chernick, President; George Sullivan, Corresponding Secretary; John McGinn, Recording Secretary and Walter Brewer, Jr., Treasurer, 2 copies.

 Folder 2:  Tau Beta Pi List of Members 1944-1946

Folder 3:  Tau Beta Pi Procedures for Election of New Members, 1947-1962    

Form letters to use; standard practice instructions explained, July 21, 1947; election ballot record form; suggested questions for interviews; election correspondence script 1960-61; membership election procedure and initiation procedure 1962.

Folder 4:  Tau Beta Pi Initiation Dinner and Banquet 1947, 1948

Includes program (1947), invitation (1948), lists of attendees and initiates (1947, 1948).

Folder 5:  Tau Beta Pi Report of Initiation Committee 1948

Report of Initiation Committee of the New York Iota Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, December 1948.  File includes cover letter, report, candidate list, and correspondence.

Folder 6:  Tau Beta Pi List of Members, 1956-1981

List of officers and members’ names.

Folder 7:  Pledge Essays & Miscellaneous Papers, 1962, 1966

“Government of All the People” by Raymond Jesaitis, 1962.

“Social Responsibility” by William Wernau, 1966.

“A Greater Interest in Government” by Cono A. Petrizzo, 1966.

“Greater Interest in Government” by Rudoph V. Talts, 1966. [Pledge Essay]

“Greater Interest in Government” by Alan Pariser, 1966.

“The Death of Religion” by Robert Russo, 1966.

“For The Greater Interest In Government Pledge Essay Contest: American Citizenship” by George Melfi, 1966.

“The Development Of A Professional” by Malcolm I. Sokol, 1966.

“The Professional Engineer and Unionism” by Stanley M. Blumenthal, 1966.

“Tau Beta Pi Pledge Essay” by John McCabe, Undated.

 “Science and The Non-Technical Man: A Pledge Essay for Tau Beta Pi” by Frank Miller, Undated.

Folder 8:  Tau Beta Pi Starter Packet, Membership Election & Initiation 1964-1965

Includes cover letter, Tau Beta Pi member election and initiation procedure, duties of officers, suggestions to corresponding secretary, the TBP Association information about the student loan program, Tau Beta Pi Association Report of Eligibility.

Folder 9:  Acceptance Letters Oct. 1964-March 1966

Folder 10:  Tau Beta Pi Personal Information Questionnaire

List of eligible candidates Fall 1966

Folder 11: Tau Beta Pi Women Members 1969-1970

Excerpts from January 1969 letter on eligibility, election, and initiation of women, List of New York Iota- Female Badges Awarded, and Tau Beta Pi Women Badges awarded by New York Iota Chapter.

Folder 12: Tau Beta Pi 1975 Class List

Computer print-out, 35 pages, listing names, addresses, and identification numbers for the Cooper Union Class of 1975, with title on document: “Tau Beta Pi Chapter Class Alphacode Arranged Listing

Folder 13: 1975 Invitations for Membership

Folder 14: 1975 Invitation Information

Folder 15:  File on Paul Dziorney, Mechanical Engineering, Class of 1975

Includes class examination bluebook, questionnaire with personal information, note granting permission for Dziorney to use photocopier for Tau Beta Pi purposes.

Folder 16: 1980 Invitations for Membership

Folder 17: Rituals for Initiation 1980

Includes names of candidates in pencil, Initiation readings and speeches, Certificate to Tiin Kutt, Outstanding Freshman Award, March 1980 From Tau Beta Pi, Iota of New York.

Folder 18: Various Officer and Member Records 1980-1981

Includes Tau Beta Pi 1981 Report of (local) final action, notices, list of eligible members, and election of alumnus candidate.

Folder 19:  File on John Charles Riedel, Class of 1898, B.S.   

Includes biography of John Charles Riedel:  Assistant to Professor W. A. Anthony, head of Department of Physics, Night School of Science, Cooper Union, October 1898-May 1899;  Instructor in Physics 1899-1908; Lecturer in Principles of Mechanics, Cooper Union Night School of Engineering 1908 to 1935.   No evident reason for the inclusion of this file in this collection.

Series 6: Tau Beta Pi (National Headquarters): Publications

Box 3

Series 6: Tau Beta Pi (National Headquarters): 


Folder 1: Tau Beta Pi Pamphlets:

  1. Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society” orange mini pamphlet (3 copies)
  2. “You and Tau Beta Pi” -burgundy mini pamphlet (3 copies)
  3. “Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society, undated, 2 copies
  4. “Tau Beta Pi, To You.” Sheet music and lyrics by Edwin Fraser Gillette, copyright 1907, 5 copies.
  5. “Book List for Engineers, Purdue University, Undated.
  6. “The Tau Beta Pi Association, The Executive Council Slate Nominated by The Michigan Zeta Chapter and The Flint Alumnus Chapter, Undated, 2 copies.
  7. “The Southern California Area Council and The Southern California Alumnus Chapter Introduces Their Executive Council Slate to The Tau Beta Pi Association,” Undated.
  8. “The New York Theta Chapter Located at Clarkson College of Technology, Potsom, New York, Sponsors The Enclosed Slate of Nominees For The Executive Council of the Tau Beta Pi Association,” Undated.

Folder 2: Tau Beta Pi Pamphlets:

  1. “Beginnings of Tau Beta Pi: Edwin S. Stackhouse July 1961 (3 copies)
  2. “Engineering Ethics” 1977, 1 page leaflet (4 copies)
  3. “The Constitution and Bylaws and Eligibility Code of Tau Beta Pi Association, Inc.” 1961, 1966, 1974, 1979 (2 copies), 1984 (2 copies)
  4. “Information about Tau Beta Pi 1885-1985: A Century of Honoring Excellence in Engineering” (2 copies)
  5. “Information about Tau Beta Pi,” The Tau Beta Pi Association, September 1954.
  6. “Book List for Engineers, Purdue University, Undated.

Folder 3: The Bent: Publication of Tau Beta Pi

Issues Include: July 1965, April 1969, July 1969, February 1970, Fall 1974, Summer 1974, Winter 1974

Folder 4: The Council Bulletin of Tau Beta Pi [Publication of TBP]

Issues Include: November 1950, January 1954, March 1954, January 1956, Sept. 1956 (2 copies), March 1958, Sept. 1958 (2 copies), November 1958, January 1959, March 1959, September 1960, January 1961, January 1962, March 1963, March 1964, November 1964, January 1966, January 1967, Sept. 1967 (3 copies), January 1968, January 1969, March 1969, Sept. 1969, Nov. 1969, March 1970, September 1980.

Folder 5: Tau Beta Pi Blank & Sample Forms

“TBP Program for Greater Interest in Government, Supplement to the Electee Essay Contest” leaflet, January-Sept. 1970”, “TBP Electee Essay Contest Rules” leaflet, Jan. 1970 & Sept. 1970, TBP Associate carbon copy forms-Report of Eligibility (For Undergraduates, For Graduate Students, Alumnus, and Eminent Engineer Candidates), Blank stationary, Blank envelopes with addressee portion with TBP logo and Association address, 39th Annual Program at TBP Fellowship 1947-1948, The TBP Association Report of Election of Officers-Revisions 1982 Sept. for Chapter Supplies, TBP Annual Chapter Survey, Chapter President Information, Chapter Project Subject File Information Sheet, Print Format for Address Lists, Instructions for Delivery of Keys and Certificates From Balfour.

Folder 6: 1967 Chapter Advisory Board Constitution & cover letter

Folder 7: Tau Beta Pi Constitution & Chapter By-Laws (1942, 1956-1967, 1980)

Series 7: Tau Beta Pi, National Conventions

Box 3


Series 7: Tau Beta Pi, National Conventions


Folder 1: Tau Beta Pi National Convention 1955

50th National Convention, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

File includes: Minutes, correspondence, press release, financial statement,  receipts, TBP Certificate of Outstanding Freshman in Engineering Award of 1954 Presented to Karl K. Womack of the Class of 1957 By The Louisiana Gamma Chapter of TBP At Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, pledge election procedure, financial statement, 1955 delegate expense report, convention business, correspondence, catalog “Michigan State College 1955”, open letter to freshmen of the college of engineering of NYU, pamphlet “University of Massachusetts Engineering Open House 1955 Prepared by Upsilon Mu Epsilon, The Engineering Honor Society, Bylaw recommendation, list of delegates, agenda, chapter coordination discussion group, photo description but no photo in file.

Folder 2: Tau Beta Pi National Convention 1956

51st National Convention, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, October 10-13th.

National Convention of Tau Beta Pi, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, October 10-13th, 1956.

File includes: Minutes, list of delegates, correspondence, convention program, suggested agenda, schedule, University of Massachusetts School of Engineering Slide Rule Technique for Engineers, Professional Engineering Registration, list of names involved in chapter coordination discussion groups, Sturgis Standard Code of Paliamentary Procedure, secretary's report, University of Kansas (see attached photo description for persons names), Discussion on election  of women to regular membership (for more information-see The Council Bulletin TBP on September 1956), Printed newsletter with photographs “The Chapter President: A Primer for Potential and Present Prexies” By Douglas R. Briggs, Massachusetts Epsilon ’51, List of undergraduate Chapter Presidents,  Apportionment of Delegates’s Expenses, duplicate pamphlet “Book List for Engineers Purdue University, 1965” (duplicate copy in Pamphlet Folder).

Folder 3: Tau Beta Pi National Convention 1958

53rd National Convention of TBP, Boston, Massachusetts, October 8-11th.

File includes: business, secretary’s report, IBM sample of magnetic tape from M.I.T., list of delegates and addresses, convention business, report of master or rituals, form of membership certificate, investment policy for the fellowship fund-provisions for agency, questionnaire, description on methods of women membership, 8” x 10 ¼” group photo (includes one page list of identification of persons in photograph). 

Folder 4: Tau Beta Pi National Convention 1959

54th National Convention of TBP, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, Oct. 15th, 1959.

File includes: Minutes, List of delegates, Notes, Correspondence, President’s Report, Financial Statements, Secretary’s Report, Reprint from The Bent of TBP April 1959, The Appeal of Engineering Teaching by Warren E. Howland, Indiana Alpha ’22, Reprinted from The Council Bulletin of The TBP Sept. 1957 “The Women Question: A Hardy Perennial” by Douglas R. Briggs, Assistant Editor, Project Catalog, 10” x 8 ¼” group photograph with unidentified persons.

Folder 5: TBP National Convention 1961

File includes: Convention Business, Financial Statement, Secretary-Treasurer-Editor’s Reports, handwritten notes, Convention Committee on Constitution and Bylaws,

Folder 6: Tau Beta Pi National Convention 1963

58th National Convention, Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy, Rolla, Missouri, October 16-19th, 1963

File contains: TBP Bylaw Amendments, Correspondence, Minutes, Agenda, Chapter Coordination Discussion Groups, General Information, Tentative Schedule, Convention Business, Financial Statement, Informational Aids for Chapters, Duplicate copy of Reprint from The Council Bulletin of the Tau Beta Pi Association September 1957 “The Women Question: A Hardy Perennial” by Douglas R. Briggs, Assistant Editor.  List of photo identification—group photo missing from file.

 Folder 7: Tau Beta Pi National Convention 1965

60th National Convention of TBP, The University of Maryland, College Park, MD, October 13th-16th, 1965.

File includes: Correspondence, agenda, release, minutes, list of delegates, convention initiation banquet pamphlet, and chapter delegate's names and addresses.

Folder 8: Tau Beta Pi National Convention 1966

61st National Convention of TBP, The Univeristy of Texas, Austin, TX, Ocotober 19st-22nd, 1966.

File includes: Correspondence, minutes, appendix to minutes, secretary's report, business agenda, The TBP 1966 Convention “The Women Question”, “The Women Question: A Hardy Perrenial” by Douglas R. Brigss, Assistant Editor, reprinted from The Council Bulletin September 1957, Proxy Voting in the Chapters, Quorum Requirements for Chapter Buisness, Constitutional Authority for Canadian Chapters, Membership Eligability of Transfer Students, Starting Time of Graduate Study Under TBP Fellowship Grants, Establishment of the Office of Assistant Secretary-Treasurer of TBP, The Council Bulletin September 1966 covering the Texas Convention.

Folder 9: Tau Beta Pi Convention Minutes 1970

Folder 10:  Tau Beta Pi Convention Correspondence, etc. 1974

Folder 11: Tau Beta Pi Convention News 1978

Folder 12: Tau Beta Pi National Convention 1980

75th National Convention of TBP, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK, 1980

File includes: 8” x 10” group photograph at convention, missing list of photo identification.

Series 8: Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter, Awards & Memorabilia

Box 4

Series 8:  Tau Beta Pi, Iota Chapter,  Awards & Memorabilia


Folder 1: Tau Beta Pi Loose Papers.

5 ½” x 2 ½” pages:  translations of Tau Beta Pi motto.  Folder also contains blank TBP ledger sheets in envelope titled “New Forms & Old Accounts.”

Folder 2: Tau Beta Pi Plaque 1988

12 ½” x ¾” x 10”-Tau Beta Pi Association honors Arianna Kalian New York Iota ’88 as a Tau Beta Pi Laureate for her outstanding contributions in diverse fields.  Presented to  the New York Iota Chapter by the Executive Council on October 15, 1988.  Signed by Martha S. Martin, President of the Association and James D. Fink, Secretary of the Association.

Folder 3: Tau Beta Pi Plaque 1991-92

12 3/8” x 7/8” x 10”-Tau Beta Pi-The Secretary’s Commendation for 1991-92 is given to The New York Iota Chapter for the perfection of its reports to the headquarters office, Presented to the 87th Convention on Oct. 9, 1992 at East Lansing, Michigan.  Signed by James D. Fink, Secretary of the Association.

Folder 4: Tau Beta Pi Plaque 1994

12 ½” x ¾” x 10”-Tau Beta Pi-The Secretary’s Commendation for 1993-94 is given to The New York Iota for the perfection of its reports to the headquarters office.  Presented at the 89th Convention on Oct. 7, 1994, signed by James D. Fink, Secretary of the Association.

Folder 5: Tau Beta Pi Blank Certificate for “Award of Merit” 

Blank certificate for “Award of Merit”, Undated (32 copies).

Folder 6: Tau Beta Pi Blank General Certificates

Blank certificates (2 copies) and original envelope postmarked 1981.

Photographic Scroll:

Black and white 20” x 10” photograph with inscription “Induction of the Mu Alpha Omicron of the Cooper Union School of Engineering as The Iota Chapter of New York, of the Tau Beta Pi Association, Hotel Empire, January 11, 1947.

4 Rubber Stamps Mounted on Wood:

3 stamps with the Tau Beta Pi insignia (9 cm x 5.5 cm x 16cm), (6.5cm x 5cm x 14cm), (2cm x 5cm x 4cm)

1 stamp with the Mu Alpha Omicron insignia (8cm x 5cm x 13cm)

Metal Cast Tau Beta Pi Logo:

2” x ¼” x 5” in shape of Tau Beta Pi logo (3 copies)

Tau Beta Pi Catalog Cards in Metal Box:

Metal box (5 ½” x 6” x 3 ½”) contains cards with personal information of Tau Beta Pi members from 1952, 1957-58, 1960, 1966, and 1973, as well as blank cards, and blank subscription to The Bent cards.

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