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Records of The Student Union of Cooper Union

Cooper Union

Box 1, Continued


Series 2:  Cooper Union


Folder 1:  Material on Peter Cooper, 1956-1978

“Letter dated April 29, 1859 from Peter Cooper to the Trustees of The Cooper Union” 1956 reprint of the “Letter”

Excerpt retyped from “Letter dated April 29, 1859 from Peter Cooper...”

“Peter Cooper, the Honest Man” pamphlet by Peter Lyon, a reprint from American Heritage, February 1959.

Folder 2:  Cooper Union Finances, 1976-1978

Cooper Union Financial Report 1976-1977

Cooper Union Financial Report 1977-1978

Poster: “Why Is The Student Fee Being Increased to $300...”

Planning notes for event to discuss Cooper Union's financial affairs

Audio recording (cassette tape) of William Simmons, Director of Development, Cooper     Union, October 24, 1978.

Typed transcript of speech in the Great Hall by William Simmons, October 24, 1978

Folder 3:  Cooper Union Library, 1977-1978

The Research System of South Manhattan-A Proposal Prepared for The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, January 1977.

Library Advisory Committee, Minutes of the Third Meeting, February 1978.

Questions for Library Panel Discussion

The New York University Libraries: A Special NYU Report Supplement [newspaper], February 23, 1978.

Folder 4:  Humanities Department, 1978-1979

Faculty/Student Senate recommendations.

Student petition memorandum relating to moving the Humanities Department from the Foundation Building to make room for a Linotype operation.  Among those signing  the petition is Douglas Ashford (Art faculty member since 1993).

Fragment from “History of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences,” November 9, 1978,   Issued by the Office of the President.

Folder 5:  Governances of the Schools at Cooper Union, 1978

Governance of the Faculty of the School of Architecture, September 12, 1978.

Governance of the Faculty of the School of Art, September 12, 1978.

Governance of the Faculty of the School of Engineering, September 12, 1978.

Folder 6:  Cooper Union Federation of College Teachers - Contract, March 1978

First Contract, 1978:  “Agreement between The Cooper Union for The Advancement of Science and Art and Cooper Union Federation of College Teachers.”

Folder 7:  Miscellaneous Documents, 1978-1979

The Cooper Union Student Register 1978-1979

Public Building Inventory: Phase III Vacant City Owned & Buildings with Reuse Potential, November 14, 1978

List of Distinguished Art Alumni and their titles

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