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Records of The Student Union of Cooper Union

Student Union

Box I:


Folder 1:  Student Union:  Structure & Description of Consensus process    (Undated)

Folder 2:  History & Introduction of The Student Union    (Undated)

By Paul Alter, [Architecture, Class of 1982], Chairperson of The Student Union. 

Folder 3:  Critical Issues Examined By the Student Union, 1978-1979

Critical Issues Report--Work Papers, Drafts

Critical Issues Report--typed document with notes

Folder 4: Presidential Selection, 1978-79

The Cooper Gazette [faculty-staff newsletter] vol. 6, no. 4, February 1979.

Correspondence with Clarence Michalis, Chairman of The Board of Trustees &

The Student Union regarding search for new president, March 8, 1979

Memorandum to Cooper Union community from Clarence Michalis, Chairman, Board of Trustees, January 10, 1979 re President John F. White retiring and new presidential search committee

Students’ handwritten list of potential new presidents

Poster “Who’s Next?” (blow-up of an article from The Cooper Pioneer.)

Folder 5:   Student Councils, 1978-79

Memorandum & Candidate Application to Art students from Art student elections

Committee re Student elections for committee representatives.

Folder 6:    Minutes of Student Union, Letters to Community & Notes from Meetings, 1978-79

Folder also contains: January 1978 handwritten comparison by Laura Newman of Cooper Union to Cal Arts, regarding cancellation of exchange program at Cal Arts .

Folder 7:  1979  Correspondence with The Student Union

March 8, 1979:  from Andrew Rasiej, Cooper Union, to Charles B. Finch regarding an invitation to a meeting.

March 20, 1979:   from Gregory G. Sholette, Student Union to Clarence F. Michalis, Chairman of Board, Cooper Union regarding students being involved in process of search for new President.

November 15, 1979:  from John Howley, Director of the Independent Student Coalition of Albany, NY, to “All Student Leaders Regarding Asian Refugees.”

November 21, 1979:  from Marylyn B. Gore, Dean of Students, Cooper Union to Ed Shaw, Independent Student Coalition regarding aiding starving South-East Asians and collection of money for OXFAM

December 11, 1979:  from Paul Alter, Chairperson, Student Union to Harold Leventhol regarding Pete Seeger performing for fund-raising event to aid starving South-East Asians.

Folder 8:   Back Issues of Cooper Pioneer, 1977-1979

Back issues of Cooper Pioneer newspaper, with table listing issues and page numbers where The Student Union, Library, Humanities Department, financial information, and Administration were mentioned.

Issues included:  May 10, 1977 (Vol. 56, no. 10), September 1977 (Vol. 57, no. 1), October 1977 (Vol. 57, no. 2), May 1978 (Vol. 57, no. 10), September 1978 (Vol. 58, no. 1), October 1978 (Vol. 58, no. 2), November 1978 (Vol. 58, no. 3), November 1978 (Vol. 58, no. 4), December 1978 (Vol. 58, no. 5), February 1979 (Vol. 58, no. 6), February 1979 (Vol. 58, no. 7), March 1979 (Vol. 58, no. 8), April 1979 (Vol. 58, no.9), May 1979 (Vol. 58, no. 10), October 1979 (Vol. 59, no. 2).

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