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Papers of Edwin F. Gregg (1924- 2008)

Box 1

Series 1.  Publicity Materials

Folder 1. Brochures, Announcements and newspaper ads

Contains announcements and schedules of events; two press releases; two ads for Cooper Union in unidentified newspapers; and several publicity brochures. Items are arranged chronologically to the extent possible.

Folder 2. Printed texts of speeches, lectures and addresses

Includes lectures by Roger Shattuck, Richard Howard, Stanley Kunitz; a 1991 publication of “Peter Cooper: In His Own Words” edited by Professor Peter Buckley. Arranged chronologically.

Folder 3. Exhibition announcements and catalogs

Includes announcements and catalogs for shows at Cooper Union dating from 1977-1991. Highlights include the catalog for the 1984 Alex Katz exhibition and materials relating to Lee Krasner’s 1985 exhibition, both part of Cooper Union’s 125th anniversary celebration.

Folder 4. Course offerings – Extended and regular

Includes extended education course offerings from 1975 onward and the 1996/97 course catalog.

Folder 5. Reports

Includes reports from the National Architectural Accrediting Board, Management and Manpower Review of the Office of Admissions and Records; Donor Reports; Financial Reports and CU School of Engineering’s report to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Series 2.  Alumni Materials

Folder 5. Alumni directory

Contains a chronological collection of materials relating to the alumni directory, 1972-1995. Highlights include an extensive list of contact information for alumni living in Israel.

Folder 6. Pennsylvania Alumni

Contains lists of Pennsylvania Alumni.

Folder 7. Gano Dunn Award

In 1977 Edwin Gregg nominated, on behalf of the Philadelphia Cooper Union Alumni, Sal Guzzardi for the Gano Dunn Award. Included are materials supporting the nomination. Also included is information relating to the award in other years.

Folder 8. Alumni Association Council Meetings

Contains miscellaneous reports, agendas, minutes, meeting notices, budgets and calendars. All are arranged chronologically by type.

Folder 9. Alumni Council Elections

Contains ballots, biographies, committee members, etc.

Folder 10. Correspondence to and from the Alumni Association

Divided into correspondence to and from the Alumni Association, arranged chronologically.

Series 3.  Events

Folder 11. Reunions, including Golden Reunion of the class of 1950

Folder 12. Founder’s Day

Materials date from 1955 through 1996 and include invitations, guest lists, menus, Alumni News magazines (published in conjunction with the Founder’s Day Committee) and miscellaneous.

Folder 13. Green Camp and Mohonk Mountain House

Contains materials relating to the closing of Green Camp, and to Mohonk Mountain House. Includes materials relating to fund-raising for Green Camp and Mohonk Mountain House and the 1971 issue of the Cooper Union Alumni News devoted largely to Green Camp.

Folder 14. Regional alumni events, alumni trips, commencements, miscellaneous alumni events.

Series 4. Personal Correspondence

Folder 15. Personal Correspondence to Gregg

In 1981 Gregg, in conjunction with the Alumni Relations department, sent out fundraising letters to his classmates which elicited a number of personal responses. These are included, along with other personal correspondence spanning the years between 1970 and 1993. Personal correspondence has been defined to include both manuscript and typescript letters, as well as form letters with personal, handwritten notes.

Series 5. Fundraising

Folder 16. Appeals and Thank-you letters

Includes appeals from 1961 – 2001, arranged chronologically; Thank you notices from 1975 through 2000.

Folder 17. Annual Fund

Includes Annual Fund reports dating from 1954 through  1994, pledge cards and envelopes and materials sent to class agents to assist them in fundraising for the Annual Fund.

Folder 18. Phonathon

Contains materials relating to the Phonathon ranging from 1977 through 2002. Includes thank you letters, volunteer guides and form correspondence. Includes a VHS tape for Phonathon volunteers.

Box 2

Series 5. Fundraising, continued

Folder 19. Campaign for Cooper Union

Contains materials relating to the Campaign for Cooper Union, including an information packet prepared by Goodale Associates in 1991 entitled “A Guide for the Volunteer Solicitors of the Cooper Union.” Materials date from circa 1987 through circa 1993 and include several undated brochures and newsletters.

Folder 20. Miscellaneous Fundraising

Contains general fundraising materials, such as brochures about matching gifts, tax information, guides to planned giving; several issues of Amicus, the “financial guide for Friends and Alumni”; and a brochure about the capital fund to rebuild the Foundation building from 1975. Materials are arranged chronologically with undated materials at the end, and range from 1973 through 1991.

Series 6.  Articles about Cooper Union or Cooper alumni.

Folder 21. Articles, 1953 – 1985

Folder 22. Articles, 1986 – 2002

These folders contain magazines that contain articles about Cooper or Cooper alumni and clippings of articles from magazines and newspapers about Cooper or Cooper alumni. Publications range from The New Yorker to Mechanical Engineering; from High Technology to People. Many of the clippings are very fragile and should be handled with care.

Series 7. Miscellaneous and One-offs

Folder 23. Miscellaneous and one-offs

This folder contains miscellaneous materials, including “Stay Alive All Your Life,” a self-published autobiography by William Goldsmith, a 1905 graduate of Cooper Union; a student-produced publication spoofing People; memos about labor relations issues at Cooper; ephemera from a 1976 wedding dinner; and other materials collected by Mr. Gregg, but seemingly unrelated to Cooper.

Series 8. Materials relating to Drexel University and Lincoln High School in Brooklyn

Folder 24. Materials relating to Drexel University and Brooklyn’s Lincoln High School

Contains alumni materials from Drexel University and Lincoln High School.

Series 9. Cooper Publications

Folder 25. At Cooper Union 1971-1978

Folder 26. At Cooper Union 1980 - 1986

Folder 27. At Cooper Union 1987 – 1989

Folder 28. At Cooper Union 1990 - 1993

Folder 29. At Cooper Union 1994 – 1998

Folder 30. At Cooper Union 1990 – 2000

Box 3

Series 9. Cooper Publications, Continued:

Folder 31. Clock Works 1995-2001

Folder 32. The Cooper Pioneer 1975 - 1989

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