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Papers of George F. Bateman (1887-1948)

Box II. George F. Bateman Business Correspondence & Memorabilia 1896-1936

Folder 1: Finding Aid

Folder 2: Obituary Clippings

Folder 3: Undated Business Correspondence

Folder 4: Postage Stamp Album - November 1, 1896

Folder 5: Cooper Union Engineering School Papers (1907-1918)

(Physical Laboratory Cards, Exams, Etc.)

Physical Laboratory Cards :

Droz, Rene H. 1910 (unknown year of graduation)

Eitzen, Henry R. 1913 (Engineering Day 1917)

Feinberg, Harry 1917 (unknown year of graduation)

Feinsten, J. 1908 (unknown year of graduation)

Goldstein, Alfred B. 1914 (Engineering Evening 1916)

Hadfield, William H. 1907(unknown year of graduation)

Hurivitz, J. 1911(unknown year of graduation)

Nichols, Chas. L. 1911 (unknown year of graduation)

Preighton/Creghton, V. L. 1909 (unknown year of graduation)

Shaleear/Schkleear, B. (?) 1911 (unknown year of graduation)

Titensky, Nathan 1914 (unknown year of graduation)

[names verified, where possible, in Cooper Union’s 1954 Directory of Cooper Union Graduates and Former Students]

Folder 5a: Cooper Union Correspondence 1913-1919

Folder includes correspondence related to and from Cooper Union, as well as handwritten quiz problems, Cooper Union Alumni Association material, Alumni Federation of Cooper Union, 1919 Founder's Day pamphlet, and correspondence with the Committee on Classification of Personnel in the Army in relation to Cooper Union and Dean Bateman.

Folder 5b: Cooper Union Correspondence 1931-1936

Folder includes correspondence related to and from Cooper Union, as well as 1934 Cooper Union Debate Class card, 1936 Annual Cooper Union event card, 1936 Annual Cooper Union Debate Class card, and 1936 Annual Cooper Union Public Speaking and Elocution card.

Folder 6: Business Correspondence (Jan. 5, 1910-Oct. 9, 1929)

Folder 7: Business Correspondence - Life Extension Institute (1923-1933)

Folder includes multiple mailings from the Institute; also x-ray exam results of George Bateman's teeth and jaw, exercise diagrams for optimal health, life expectancy reports, etc.

Folder 8a: Business Correspondence - Army and Navy Club of America 1923

Correspondence and primarily meal tickets and bills. Includes “Bulletin of Army and Navy Club of America June 1923,” Notice of Proposed Amendments to the 1923 Constitution and By-Laws of the Army and Navy Club.

Folder 8b: Business Correspondence - Army and Navy Club of America 1924

Correspondence, meal tickets & bills, and announcement for the “Third Annual Inter-allied Officers Dinner.”

Folder 8c: Business Correspondence - Army and Navy Club of America 1925

Correspondence, meal tickets & bills, Army and Navy Club brochure with images of Club Hall, Library, Large Dining Room and other club areas, 1925 notice of proposed amendments to the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws, Armistice Day Dinner invitation in honor of military and naval attachés of the late allies, Club Dinner Dance invitation.

Folder 8d: Business Correspondence - Army and Navy Club of America 1926-1927

Correspondence; meal tickets & bills; St. Valentine's Supper Dance invitation, 1926; notice of proposed amendments; May Dinner Dance invitation, Testimonial Dinner for General Charles P. Summerall-Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, 5th Annual Inter-allied Officers Dinner 1926; Army Navy Football Game program 1927, and Halloween Supper Dance notice 1927.

Folder 8e: Business Correspondence - Army and Navy Club of America 1928-1936 (January 19, 1928-Dec. 7, 1936)

Folder 9: Business Correspondence (June 16, 1932-Sept. 1, 1936)

Folder 10: Miscellaneous Papers (1904-1911)

Folder 11a: Miscellaneous Papers 1915

2 Columbia University schedules for 1915 Final Examinations

Folder 11b: Miscellaneous Papers - Newspaper Clippings 1928

Folder 12a: Miscellaneous Papers - Cooper Union postcards

Black and white postcards of Cooper Union facilites (The Chemical Lecture Room, The Physical Lecture Room, Part of the Physical Laboratory, Corner in the Chemical Laboratory) (total of 6 postcards), Black and White and hand painted images of the Foundation Building, Peter Cooper Square Park, the Bowery and elevated train (total of 11 postcards), and color Cooper Union pennants (total of 3 postcards).

Folder 12b: Miscellaneous Papers - Business Cards 1907-1917

Folder 12c: Miscellaneous Papers – Maps, 1902, 1918, 1919

Undated map of Long Island Motor Parkway for Motor Cars Only (13 ¾” x 4 ½”);

1902 cropped map of upstate New York (13 ¼” 17 ½”); 1918 map of East Hampton, New York (10 ½” x 5”);

1919 map of New York automobile routes to Upper Hudson, Adirondack, and Iroquois Trails (22” x 6 ¼”);

and 1918 Hammond's New Road Map of Long Island (Western Part) (27” x 18 ½”).

Folder 12d: Miscellaneous Papers - Advertisements and Illustrated Catalogs

Folder 12e: Miscellaneous Papers - I.D. Card with photograph, receipts from shopping and laundry, mini calendars, notebook, and labels from various products.

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