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Engineering and Science

Using Google Scholar for Academic Research

Connect subscriptions to your Google Scholar account:

Screenshot of google scholar with menu bar open. The menu button and the "settings" link are highlighted to select.

  1. On Google Scholar begin by selecting the "hamburger" menu button
  2. next select the link for "settings"



screenshot of google scholar settings "Library Links" section selected. The search bar has "Cooper Union" queued, and below the results you can see the box next to "New York Public Library" is already ticked.

3. Select the "Library Links" button from the menu

4. Search for "Cooper Union" and or "New York Public Library." Once found, the library will show up below the search bar with an unselected checkbox.

5. Select the Checkbox next to the library account you'd like to connect.

6. Hit Save





Use Google Scholar to see if you can access to any article online








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