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Black History

This collection of articles from the Wiley Online Library celebrates Black contributions to history, and explains how Black communities have been affected and harmed by systems of power—from legislation, to education, to healthcare. See Together we RISE for more information. 


|Making History

“Queering” African American religious history

Author: Ahmad Greene‐Hayes | First Published:07 June 2019


Land Gains, Land Losses: The Odyssey of African Americans Since Reconstruction

Author: Waymon R. Hinson | First Published:29 October 2018


Love for My People: Some Reflections on Sheila Walker and Life‐Affirming Anthropology

Author: Krystal Strong | First Published:17 October 2020


‘Lifting as We Climb’: Black Women and the Preservation of African American History and Culture

Author: Fath Davis Ruffins | First Published:November 1994


Imagining Musical Place: Race, Heritage, and African American Musical Landscapes

Authors: Paul R. Mullins and Jordan Ryan | First Published:22 April 2020


The Destruction of Black Wall Street: Tulsa's 1921 Riot and the Eradication of Accumulated Wealth

Authors: Chris M. MesserThomas E. Shriver, and Alison E. Adams | First Published:29 October 2018

|Representation: Art, Culture and Education

Visual Expressions of Black Identity: African American and African Museum Websites

Authors: Melissa A. Johnson and Keon M. Pettiway | First Published:15 May 2017

Making Black Lives Matter in academia: A Black feminist call for collective action against anti‐blackness in the academy

Authors: Myrtle P. BellDaphne BerryJoy Leopold, and Stella Nkomo | First Published:26 September 2020

“You Were Gonna Leave Them Out?”: Locating Black Women in a Transfeminist Anthropology of Religion

Author: Elizabeth Pérez | First Published:23 December 2020

Sculpting Blackness: Representations of Black‐Puerto Ricans in Public Art

Authors: Hilda Lloréns and Rosa E. Carrasquill | First Published:02 December 2008

African American Muslims: Intersectionality and Cultural Competence

Authors: Shareefah N. Al'UqdahSahran HamitSabrina Scott | First Published:07 October 2019


On the Advantage and Disadvantage of Black History Month for Life: The Creation of the Creation of the Post-Racial Era

Author: Kenan Van De Mieroop | First Published:01 February 2016

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