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Donating to the Archives


The Archives contains records transferred from the schools and departments of the institution, as well as materials donated by alumni, students, faculty, and other members of the Cooper Union community. We welcome gifts of Cooper-related materials that add to our collections and further our understanding of the school’s history.  

This page provides general guidelines on the types of material we may be interested in, but we ask that all potential donors email before sending any items to the Archives. 

Not all donations can be accepted, and unsolicited gifts will not be acknowledged or returned. We do not collect works of art or materials about general East Village history. 



The Archives appreciates contributions from students, alumni, friends, and family. We are especially interested in: 

  • Unique materials that shed light on student and academic life, such as photographs, correspondence, scrapbooks, and course materials 
  • Records of student organizations: constitutions and bylaws, membership lists, meeting minutes, publications, event announcements, and photographs 
  • Printed matter like newsletters, brochures, event programs, flyers, posters, etc. 
  • Audiovisual recordings of events and activities at Cooper Union 
  • Memorabilia such as pins and t-shirts 



We collect and preserve historically significant administrative records, and we work with administrators and staff to identify and transfer such records into the Archives. If you work at Cooper Union and believe your office has records that belong in the Archives, please email for guidance. 

Reception for Cooper Family Papers exhibition

Reception for Cooper Family Papers exhibition, Feb., 2018

Letters from the Cooper family

Letters from the Cooper family, donated to the Archives though a generous gift provided by Cooper alumni and faculty members

Mail art by Mitsuko Brooks

"Mail to Cooper Union Library, postmarked May 11, 2020" by Mitsuko Brooks (A '05), front

Mail art by Mitsuko Brooks

"Mail to Cooper Union Library, postmarked May 11, 2020" by Mitsuko Brooks (A '05), back


Graduation medal, donated by the family of Marilyn Hoffner (A '48) and Al Greenberg (A '48)

Beanie with CU logo

Beanie with CU logo, donated by the family of Leonard Sielke (CivE '42)

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