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Abram S. Hewitt Papers, 1803-1903, Transcribed by Albert Heusser

Abram S. Hewitt Papers, 1803-1903, Transcribed by Albert Heusser

Following is a list of volumes and subjects that comprise the 42 volumes of typed transcripts of the correspondence of Abram S. Hewitt (1822-1903).  These volumes were compiled by Hewitt's intended biographer, Albert Heusser, who died before he could complete the work.  Additional information about this and other collections of Hewitt's and Peter Cooper's papers is available here

The volumes are available by appointment to interested researchers.  


Abram Steven Hewitt Papers 1803-1903


Call Number:  C 3A P2

v. 1    Biography 1: 1822-1879,  including Ancestry

v. 2    Biography 2:  1880-1888

v. 3    Biography 3:  1889-1897

v. 4    Biography 4:  1898-1903

v. 5    Capital and Labor

v. 6    Carnegie Institution; Burke Foundation

v. 7    Congressional 1:  Tariff; Shipping

v. 8    Congressional 2:  International Affairs; Corn Kitchen

v. 9    Congressional 3:  Hayes-Tilden, 1876-1877; Electoral Commission

v. 10   Congressional 4:  Silver and the Currency

v. 11   Congressional 5:  Labor Investigation; Army and Navy; Geological Survey; Interior Department

v. 12   General Congressional:  1875-1879, 1881-1886

v. 13   Peter Cooper:  1881-1883; Estate of Peter Cooper; Peter Cooper’s Glue Factory

v. 14   Cooper Union 1:  1857-1890

v. 15   Cooper Union 2:  1891-1903

v. 16   Educational:  Columbia University

v. 17   History of Business 1A:  Trenton Iron Company, 1847-1867:  Executive Management, General Correspondence and Business Records

v. 18   History of Business 1B:  Trenton Iron Company, 1847-1867: Rails (structural); U.S. Government War Contracts

v. 19   History of Business 2:  Trenton Iron Company, 1867-1903:  Wire, Tramways.

v. 20   History of Business 3:  1866-1904:  New Jersey Steel and Iron Company: Rails (structural); General

v. 21   History of Business 4:  Mines and Furnaces.

v. 22   History of Business 5:  Patent Affairs: Steel Manufacture; Post-Pernot; Siemens-Martin; Bessemer.

v. 23   Investments:   Pennsylvania Coal Lands; Roane Iron Company; Gauley Mountain Coal Company; Iron Cliffs Company; Trenton Water Power Company.

v. 24   Public Museums; Hospitals and Asylums; the Liquor Question.

v. 25   National Development:  Prosperity; Distribution of Wealth; Philanthropy; Expositions; Savings Banks; Building Loan Associations; Citizenship; Patriotism; Women in Civic and Political Life.

v. 26   National Political Issues 1:  1849-1874:  Pre-Congressional; Tariff.

v. 27   General National Political Issues:  National Democratic Committee (after 1876); Anti-Bryanism; Colonial Problems; Immigration.

v. 28   New Jersey

v. 29   New York (City and State):  Politics; New York City Real Estate.

v. 30   New York City.  Civics:  Brooklyn Bridge; Municipal Taxation; Jewish Question; Public Celebrations.

v. 31   New York City.  Community Civics:  Parks and Playgrounds; Organized Charity; Chamber of Commerce.

v. 32   New York City.  Mayoralty A, 1887-1888:  General Correspondence

v. 33   New York City.  Mayoralty B,  1887-1888:  New York State Legislation; Irish Flag Issue; Board of Electrical Control; Hartt Boycott Fund; Municipal Civil Service; Board of Estimate and Apportionment.

v. 34   New York City:  Rapid Transit

v. 35   New York (State):  Greenwood Lake Railroad and Branches.

v. 36   Railroads

v. 37   Ringwood:  Forges and Mines; History; Manor House

v. 38   Ringwood:  Greenwood Lake Neighborhood, Real Estate; Schools; Churches; Roads; Railroads; Water Rights, etc.

v. 39   The Scientist and Iron Master 1:  1848-1876

v. 40   The Scientist and Iron Master 2:  1877-1903

v. 41   The South: Reconstruction and Development; Jacksonville Relief; Western Investments

v. 42   Telegraph and Cable

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