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Thomas Edison: The Sneeze

The invention of film, rooted in the science of light, vision and movement, explored in sequential photography, staged action and slices of life called actualités.

Eadweard Muybridge
Thomas Edison
The Lumiere Brothers

  Charlie Chaplin: City Lights   SILENTS

The master
s of silent film, whose range of expression included short and feature-length comedies and melodramas, anthropological studies, political agitprop, and big-budget epics.

Edwin S. Porter
Georges Melies

Pathe Freres
Louis Feuillade
Emil Cohl
D.W. Griffith
Mack Sennett

Charlie Chaplin
Fatty Arbuckle
Buster Keaton
Giovanni Pastrone
Carl Th. Dreyer
Erich von Stroheim
Abel Gance
Germaine Dulac
Robert Florey
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