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Dziga Vertov: The Man with the Movie Camera

The FILM & VIDEO holdings of the Cooper Union Library Visual Resources Collection corresponds to the aesthetic discourse of Cooper Union's studio and academic courses. Its purpose is to provide an introduction the history of cinema, an overview of the medium's various means of expression and a sampling of current trends.  

While by no means a comprehensive accounting of the thousands of individual titles available in the collection, this guide highlights the major filmmakers, styles and movements that comprise its foundation and direct its growth.

      Origins and Silents  
      Early Experimenters  
      Surrealism and Luis Bunuel  
      German Expressionism  
      Early Film Noir  
    Later Film Noir  
    Underground Film  
    Video Art  
    American Cinema  
    Italian Neorealism and Post-neorealism  
    French New Wave  
    Danish New Wave and Dogme 95  
    World Cinema  
    Music on Film  
      Selected Filmographies  
    Comments and questions: Thomas Micchelli  
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last updated January 20, 2011