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  Jules Dassin: Naked City        EARLY FILM NOIR  
    Low-budget Hollywood films using Expressionistic techniques and dark themes, which were considered disposable entertainment until they were heralded as their own genre by the French New Wave filmmakers.  

John Huston

       The Maltese Falcon       
       DVD 067   

Billy Wilder

Double Indemnity   1944    DVD 794  

Billy Wilder

Sunset Boulevard   1950    DVD 420  
    Fritz Lang   Scarlet Street   1945   DVD 633   

Fritz Lang

The Blue Gardenia   1953    VHS 276  

Fritz Lang

The Big Heat   1953    DVD 386  

Alexander Mackendrick

       Sweet Smell of Success       
       DVD 045   

Edgar Ulmer

Detour   1945    DVD 230  

Howard Hawks

The Big Sleep   1946    VHS 134  
      Abraham Polonsky   Force of Evil   1948   DVD 501   

Jules Dassin

Naked City   1948    DVD 043  

Carol Reed

The Third Man   1949    DVD 038  

Sam Fuller

       Pick Up on South Street       
       DVD 476   

Sam Fuller

       The Naked Kiss       
       DVD 025   

Joseph H. Lewis

The Big Combo   1955    DVD 044  
      Orson Welles   Touch of Evil   1958   DVD 015   

Michael Powell

Peeping Tom   1960    DVD 037  
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