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  Reserve Material
  Required and supplemental readings may be placed on Reserve for the semester. Please try to place requests before the beginning of each semester, so that they will be ready in the Library when classes begin.

Before making your requests, please search the online catalog to determine whether or not the Cooper Union Library owns an item. We are not able to place books from the other Consortium libraries on reserve at the Cooper Union.
  If the Library owns the requested material:
        Include the call number, author, title and edition for each item on your list
  If the Library does not own the requested material:
        Submit your request as far in advance as possible to allow time to order and process the material (usual 4 weeks minimum). We can work from your class reading lists, as long as the items to be purchased are marked and the author, title, edition, publisher and year of publication are included for each item.

Alternatively, you may use a Library Collection Development Form for the items you are requesting.
  Other Types of Reserve Material:
        Personal copies of books, photocopied excerpts and other types of material may also be placed on Reserve. The Library will barcode all material.

(Please note that photocopies are not made by the Library. They must be made by the appropriate departmental office or by the requesting faculty member and delivered to the Library.)
  Reserve Material Loan Period:
        In most cases, a loan period of 2 hours during the day and overnight after 4 p.m. is recommended for Reserve material, since this seems to result in the most frequent availability and use of the material.
  Contact Julie Castelluzzo regarding Engineering Reserve books.
Contact Claire Gunning regarding all other reserve material.
     Reserve Image Lists
  Course-specific study images can now be posted on the Library Web site in the Visual Resources Collection.

The images reside on the Web site only during the semester in which the course is taught. Subject matter is unrestricted. The reserve image lists are available from off-campus by entering your Library account barcode number for authentication.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for images to be posted.
  Contact Thomas Micchelli for further information.
      Requests for Books & Other Materials

Faculty members are encouraged to suggest items in their subject areas to be purchased for the Library collection.

When suggesting items, please provide as much information as possible, including book reviews, catalog listings and advertisements.

The Library Collection Development Form will expedite your request.

Requests can be made in person, via interoffice mail, fax (212-353-4017) or e-mail to the appropriate subject specialist.

      Research Databases
  Research databases available from the Library include article indexes on many subjects (some with full text), as well as library catalogs and other reference sources. Follow the links to Resources by Subject or Other Library Catalogs on the Library Web site.
  For off campus access to most restricted resources, enter your Library account barcode number for authentication when prompted. You must be registered with the Library to use these databases. You can register at the Circulation Desk anytime during our open hours.

If you are having difficulty accessing the databases, contact Julie Castelluzzo or Dale Perreault.

For futher assistance with database searching, contact the Reference Desk (212-353-4186) or contact the appropriate subject specialist.
      Library Catalog
  The Cooper Union Library's holdings can be searched through BobCat, the shared catalog of the Consortium Libraries. You may use the computers in the Library, or connect via the Library Web site from anywhere.
  Connect to the Catalog (Primo)
Connect to the Catalog (BobCat Standard)

The Cooper Union Library's holdings are labeled Cooper under Location on the results screen.

You can check your patron account by connecting to the online catalog. After connecting, sign in under "My Library Account" on the right side of the screen.

After signing into your account, click the e-shelf button to enter your workspace. Inside your workspace, click on My Library Account in the left-hand column. After you enter My Library Account, you can review your contact information, the items you have on loan and any fines you may owe, as well as
perform renewals and check on holds and recalls. If you are unable to access your account, contact Dale Perreault for assistance.

Please call the Library Reference Desk (212-353-4186) if you need further information on using the catalog, or see the guide Using the Library Catalog (BobCat).

  In order to borrow material, you must:
            1) be registered at the Cooper Union Library,
    2) have no blocks on your registration,
    3) and, have a current validation sticker on your Cooper Union ID Card.
  You have borrowing privileges at several Consortium Libraries as well as the Cooper Union Library.

  Please make sure we have an updated email address for contacting you. A courtesy notice will be sent out via email three days before books are due. Email overdue notices are sent out after one day. After a week, a paper notice will be generated.
  Loan periods for faculty are as follows:
        Cooper Union Library       60 days
        Bobst Library (New York University)       120 days
    The New School Libraries (Fogelman and University Center)   120 days
  Books may be renewed provided that:
            1) there have been no holds placed on them,
    2) and there are no blocks on the borrower's record from overdue material or fines either at the Cooper Union Library or at any of the Consortium Libraries.
  Faculty may renew materials via My Library Account found in the personal e-shelf workspace in BobCat (see section above regarding the Online Catalog). Cooper materials may be renewed remotely twice. After that you must bring the books into the library for renewal.

  For further assistance with online renewals, contact the Circulation Desk (phone 212-353-4188 or email
      Additional Borrowers

An Additional Borrower is designated to borrow material on your behalf. You must be a full-time faculty member currently registered and in good standing with the Library, and your Additional Borrower must have a valid Cooper Union ID.

Your Additional Borrower may check out materials, renew, and place recall requests on material on your behalf by presenting his or her valid Cooper Union ID at the Circulation Desk at any of the Consortium Libraries. As a Faculty Sponsor you will be responsible for all the fines and fees associated with the materials checked out on your behalf by the Additional Borrower. Notices will be sent to you.

Click here for an Additional Borrower Form.

Contact Claire Gunning for further information

      Interlibrary Loans, Article Orders, and Referrals

Interlibrary Loan and Article Ordering

If an item is unavailable at Cooper or within the Consortium, we can usually locate another copy for you, in New York City and beyond. We use the OCLC WorldCat database to locate items for you.

Try WorldCat - full version
Try WorlldCat - free public version

The Library will provide interlibrary loan and article ordering services to current Cooper Union students, staff, faculty, and administration, under these conditions:

  1. The item is not available at the Consortium libraries (NYU and the New School).
  2. The item is not readily available at a public library that is conveniently located for the requestor.
  3. The requestor would rather wait for the result of this process than use a METRO referral card to gain access to a library in New York City.
  4. The Cooper Union Library will pay the first $15 for each request. The requestor indicates whether or not he or she is willing to pay the cost above $15 per item.

We use electronic methods of requesting and delivery to speed up turnaround time, when possible.

Contact Claire Gunning or the appropriate subject specialist for interlibrary loan requests.

Follow this link for the Interlibrary loan (ILL) request form.

Note: Please do not attempt to use NYU's electronic interlibrary loan form. It won't work for non-NYU patrons.


The Library is also a member of the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), and can provide referral cards as one time passes to most private academic libraries in the New York City area. You can visit the other library to use the item, but not to borrow it. This may be preferable if you need to see the item quickly.

      Recalls and Holds

If you need an item that is checked out to another patron, you may place a recall-hold request for it. You will be notified by email when it is ready for pickup at the owning library. Make sure we have your updated email address.

Recalls can be placed by the patron from within BobCat. Click on the Request button when viewing the catalog record for an item. Then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the request.

Please be aware that items you borrow may be recalled before the due date if needed by the Library or another patron. You will be notified of the new due date via email. You will be charged overdue fines of $1 per day if it is not returned by that date..

  All periodicals are available for Library use only. They may not be borrowed. However, new issues of professional journals may be routed to full-time faculty upon request.

  Library Collection Development Form
  Interlibrary Loan Request Form
  Research Instruction Request Form
  Additional Borrower Form
  Last updated September 24, 2014