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           In witness whereof, the said parties hereto of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

In presence of

And to, for and upon such other uses, intents and purposes, and upon such other trusts, and subject to such other conditions and restrictions as are hereinafter mentioned.

§ 3. Peter Cooper, with Edward Cooper, Abram S. Hewitt, Daniel F. Tiemann, Wilson G. Hunt and John E. Parsons, and their successors, shall be and hereby are created and constituted a body corporate, by the name and title of "The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art," the corporate existence of which shall commence when the said Peter Cooper shall convey to it the block of land and edifice above mentioned, and shall continue forever.

§ 4. The said body corporate shall possess all the powers and privileges of a corporation, as conferred by the laws of the State of New York, and as granted by this act.

§ 5. The corporate powers and privileges conferred upon and granted, and to be granted, to the corporation hereby created, shall be exercised by a Board of Trustees, which shall consist at the first of the aforenamed Peter Cooper, Edward Cooper, Abram S. Hewitt, Daniel F. Tiemann, Wilson G. Hunt and John E. Parsons. The term of office of such Trustees, the manner of filling vacancies in the Board of Trustees, the manner and cause of removal, and the resignation of Trustees, and the liability of Trustees, shall be as provided in the aforesaid deed, mentioned in section two of this act. No member of said Board shall receive any pecuniary compensation for his services.

§ 6. The Corporation hereby created is hereby authorized and empowered to execute the trusts and powers mentioned in and intended to be created by the aforesaid deed, set forth in section two of this act; to accept such deed, and to hold the premises and property therein mentioned, including all endowments at any time to be made to the said Corporation, subject to the conditions and restrictions created in said deed; and to, for and upon the uses, intents and purposes therein provided, and for the purposes and to the extent provided in the said deed, the said trusts, powers, conditions, restrictions, uses, intents and purposes are and shall be valid and effectual and shall attach to the said premises and property.

§ 7. The Corporation hereby created, and the Board of Trustees thereof, are hereby authorized and empowered to do and perform all and every act and thing whatever, and to carry out and accomplish all and every trust, intent and purpose provided to be done, carried out or accomplished, in and by the aforesaid deed, in respect to the said Corporation or Board of Trustees; and the said Corporation is hereby also authorized and empowered to receive all and every endowment made to it, and to appropriate the same to the uses, intents and purposes contemplated herein and in the said deed.

§ 8. The Trustees of the Corporation hereby created, may at any time associate with themselves such persons as they shall see fit, as members of the Corporation hereby created, and with such persons, organize a society with the style and title of "The Associates of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art," the objects and purposes of which shall be the encouragement of science, arts, manufactures and commerce; the bestowal of rewards for such productions, inventions and improvement as tend to the useful employment of the poor, the increase of trade, and the riches and honor of the country; for meritorious works in the various departments of the fine arts; for discoveries, inventions and improvements; and generally, by lectures, papers and discussions thereon, and other suitable means, to assist in the advancement, development, and practical application of every department of science in connection with the arts, manufactures, and commerce of the country. The said society shall consist of the said associates, the graduates of the institution, hereby incorporated, whose diplomas may include such rights and privileges, and of such other persons as from time to time shall be elected members thereof, always including the members of the Board of Trustees of "The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art," and all the members of the said society shall, while members thereof, be members of the corporation hereby created. The said Board of Trustees shall, from time to time, prescribe the conditions and terms of membership of the said society, which, subject to the approval of said Board of Trustees, shall make all rules and regulations for its own conduct and government, pass its own by-laws, and prescribe the duties and powers and annual dues of its members and officers, and which said society shall elect its own officers and members, and shall, from its members, annually elect a council, consisting of at least twentyfour members of said society, which said council is hereby authorized and empowered to do and perform all and every act and thing whatsoever, by it provided to be done and performed, in and by said deed. The said society shall be inseparably connected with "The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art," the Trustees whereof shall be entitled and are hereby permitted to receive, and in whom shall vest all property whatsoever, which shall in any way be acquired by, or at any time be granted, conveyed, assigned, devised or bequeathed to the said society, save only the current receipts thereof, which property shall be held by the said Trustees, but in trust, however, for the Corporation hereby created; and which said property, so long as the same shall be so held in trust, may at any time be sold or disposed of by the said Corporation, on the consent of the council of the said society, and of the Trustees of the said Corporation.

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